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Jan 18, 2016 4:08 PM ET

Archived: Beagle – Smart home sensing made easy and affordable: Unleash a healthy home by monitoring the things that contribute to you and your family’s health

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 18, 2016

Smart home sensing made easy and affordable. Improve your health with Beagle sensors placed throughout your home.

About this project

Beagle is a range of smart, wireless, non-intrusive sensors that you can place throughout your home or office, customized to your needs.

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so when it comes to your health and wellbeing, the indoor environment matters. The Beagle Sense team is on a mission to empower anyone, anywhere to improve their health and wellbeing in an easy, personalized, and affordable way.

Did you know that when your whole family or a group of you and your friends get together in the living room for a movie marathon with the pets curled up nearby, that CO2 levels can spike, leading to drowsiness and headaches?

Or, how many times a day do you wonder if the light or temperature are ideal for getting your latest report done on time, or whether the streetlights outside your bedroom are affecting your sleep? Probably not very often, but it’s just those little tweaks that can make a big difference, and that’s where Beagle Sense comes in.

We need to go beyond simply knowing the temperature inside our homes.

Beagle takes the connected home a step further by monitoring the things that contribute to you and your family’s health.

We designed Beagle to give you options–we don’t believe that sensors are ‘one size fits all’, so we trained each Beagle for a specific sensing task, which means you can customize what and where you want to monitor.

Beagle works anywhere.

With such an affordable price tag, each Beagle sensor can be placed exactly where it needs to be so you know what’s going on and can take action.

Beagles can also be stacked together for even more insights, such as placing light, indoor noise, and temperature Beagles together to monitor sleep quality.

Beagle is easy to understand.

With Beagle, you’re the master of your data, thanks to a handy app and web interface. Set alerts so you can make changes while you’re home, such as opening a window to improve air quality, or while you’re away to keep tabs on the noise level while your kids throw a party. You can even travel with your Beagle and sync up sensor data from the office.

Plus, the Beagle app and web interface will give you the ability to view historical data from any of the sensors–you can indulge as much or as little as you want into your home’s telemetry!

Beagle is easy to bring home.

Your Beagles come fully housetrained with setup in 3 quick steps:

  • Plug in the Beagle base station using the USB to a power source.
  • Connect it to your WiFi network.
  • Pair with your laptop or smartphone.

The Beagle sensors use Bluetooth to communicate with the base station, and are magnetic, giving you different placement options.

Each different Beagle sensor has its own stylish color band and icon, which makes identifying your Beagles a breeze.

Plus, your Beagles don’t need treats and lots of attention to keep working—only a yearly change of 2 ‘AAA’ batteries. Each sensor also stores up to 2 weeks of data if your WiFi connectivity drops, or if the power goes out. Beagle has got your back!


Contact Information:

Evenlyn Dodge

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