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Jan 16, 2016 12:13 PM ET

Archived: World’s First Programmable Drone: CoDrone – A drone you can easily program to do whatever you want: follow you, engage in laser battles, go through a maze and more!

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 16, 2016

What do you want your drone to do? Track your movements? Engage in laser battles? Bowl a strike? With CoDrone, the only limit is your imagination.

The CoDrone is a quadcopter that you can easily program using our friendly, step-by-step videos. Whether you are brand new to drones and coding or you’re a longtime drone lover, you will have a blast with the CoDrone.

With CoDrone package, you can follow step-by-step tutorials and do all kinds of cool applications. Starting from simply making it fly to having it follow people or battle other CoDrones.

Using various sensors and on-board camera, CoDrone follow people around. For Laser Tagging battle, you can do various attacks and shoot missiles that use IR sensors.

On robolink.com/community, we provide easy-to-follow step-by-step videos so that users can pick up coding in 5 minutes and make your drone fly.

– Includes free CoDrone Curriculum for all users!
– Follow step-by-step instructions to learn the basics to advanced coding, and then use that knowledge to code anything you can imagine!

The learning site includes simple steps from how to drone to fly up to advanced missions like drone-bowling, battle, etc.

Pledge Now for the Best Price
The Codrone will retail for $179, but if you back our Kickstarter campaign, you can get it for a very special price!

Our project has been chosen as the top 10 breakthrough technologies at CES Last Gadget Standing!

Now in its 15th year, it is one of the best loved and longest running events at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Based on the notion that the crowd always knows best, the contest asks a live and online audience to pick the “most likely to succeed product”.

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