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Jan 15, 2016 5:39 PM ET

Archived: YOGA AND LAWYERS FOR ASYLUM: seeking contributions to accomplish both

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016

I have worked and volunteered over many years with many people of refugee background, and have many friends in that boat – who came by boat – who are being treated differently based on the mode of transport they used to get here. My friend who I want to assist is very humble, and said he will accept whatever fate our Government deals out. But I am concerned for him filling out his protection claim and going through the whole process without assistance. He no longer lives in the supportive community of Hobart, so I want to offer this help to him. He has been told he needs $3000 for legal assistance to help with his claim. He is from the minority Hazara community, which is regularly attacked in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and have been persecuted because of their ethnicity and cultural and religious beliefs for a very long time.

I have the fortunate opportunity to live on a community and enrol in a nearby yoga teaching course which begins in early May. I did the sums and worked out I cannot save in time, as course fees are required long before the course starts. I feel this time is a good opportunity to do this training as I normally live in Tasmania where training is not available. I would rather not fly back and forth but base myself where the 6 month course is, and then return to Tassie with another string to my bow – something I can do that contributes to my health and the health of others. I have suffered from fatigue over the years, and after recently having fluid on my ankles (I’m too young for this aren’t I?), I thought I really have to prioritise my health. I have found it hard to deal with stress over the years, this has impacted on jobs and my well-being. I think this new direction for me will help turn old patterns around, as well as assist others. Employment is difficult to gain in Tas too, so being able to start my own yoga teaching will be great!

I also really want to see if this crowd funding thing works!! :-)

Thank you!!!!

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