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Jan 15, 2016 12:05 PM ET

Archived: urtoolshop.com

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016

Urtoolshop has proven the consignment/resale business model works for the untapped used tool market. Urtoolshop will now use the proven business model of franchising to expand. First to market, first to an untapped market; urtoolshop will be the first recognized tool resale/consignment franchise to capitalize on the used tool market.


Urtoolshop has answered the question “What do we do with Dad’s tools?”  Our prototype urtoolshop sold $231,000 of consigned tools in the last 12 months we have helped tools owners turn their tools into cash. From Home owners downsizing, Widows, Tradesmen/Craftsmen, Contractors, Tool collectors, Woodworkers, Metalworkers, Hobbyist, and Companies with surplus tools and equipment, we have helped them all.


A tool owner walked through our front door with antique velocipede scroll saw, asking us to buy it from him for $450. We explained we are a consignment shop and will sell the saw for him. He consigned his saw to us. We listed it for sale on our ecommerce web page. One day later, a buyer from Ohio called. That buyer drove to New Jersey and purchased the saw for $2,500.

When the consignor came in to pick up his $1,500 check, he was dancing a jig out our door.



Another consignor brought us a 1942 Bell & Howell FilmO 70 camera, thinking he could sell it for around $50. After we put it up for auction, we discovered that the lenses in the camera were irradiated to reduce glare. Modern cameras aren’t irradiated, making the camera a collectible.

It sold to an international buyer in the Czech Republic for $1,800, or about 3,600% more than the consignor had planned.


Owing to success stories like these, urtoolshop prototype shop has amassed a massive inventory and shed light on the incredible size of the untapped tool resale market.

In the past 12 months, we’ve increased sales by 100 percent, to $231,000. And we’ve done it with an advertizing budget of just $100 per month.

The urtoolshop franchise will expand our reach, becoming the first tool consignment/resale shop to expand through franchising. We’ll provide the infrastructure for each of our franchisees to succeed, implementing a comprehensive marketing plan covering everything from TV and radio advertizing, to social media. To, using our proven software and systems to manage consigned inventory, selling through our proven sales paths we will support our franchisees on their track to a successful and profitable urtoolshop franchise.

Capitalize on this opportunity, click the “BUSINESS PROFILE” tab at the top of this page to be on the ground floor and fund urtoolshop.com expansion. Be one of the first to request access to our expansion plan. With a limited number of Convertible Debt notes available do not miss this unique opportunity to invest in our expansion.


John Gibson, CEO
A proven entrepreneur, John started his first business at 24, reaching sales of $3 million a year at the time he sold it. John’s next move was purchasing secure cash flows, and for 14 years he worked for AT&T in their IT department, before founding urtoolshop.

Morgan Reilly, Operations Manager
R&R Aquatics’ Manager and Co-Founder, Morgan has extensive experience in processing, packing and shipping, inventory management, and expanding company outreach through digital mediums.

John Conor Gibson, CPA
Urtoolshop Consultant Adviser

Contact Information:

John Gibson
Morgan Reilly
John Conor Gibson

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