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Jan 15, 2016 12:45 PM ET

Archived: Twenty-eight orphans about to lose their home

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016


My name is Leoni van Leeuwen, president of stichting Weeshuis Thailand (a Dutch foundation: Foundation orphanage Thailand).Http://www.stichtingweeshuisthailand.nl/en 

Recently we have heard that the Ban Dek Dee project (located in Chiang Mai, Thailand) will be in need of a new home due to the fact that the land is not theirs and the owner wants to sell it. Besides this they also don’t meet the standards of an orphanage as the house is too small for the amount of children. 

I love these children and the “father and mother” of the house have golden hearts. It would be devastating too see the family being teared apart after all these little ones have already gone through in their short lives. With all the love they get in the current situation I believe they can grow up to become great, loving and smart adults. 

Any money is needed. The land is 2.000.000 baht (50.000 euro). And costs for the house will be around 4.000.000 baht (100.000 euro) every bit helps! So far we have collected almost 1.000.000 baht in one year. Please help us!

In case we won’t make it after all, all the money will still be going to the projects (orphans in Thailand). We are a non-profit foundation without any payed staff.

Contact Information:

Stichting Weeshuis

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