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Jan 15, 2016 3:01 PM ET

Archived: paGO Commerce – Improving E-Commerce Around the World by ‘corePHP’

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016

While e-commerce revenue growth is shooting up at a clip of 20% this year, the software used by e-commerce stores is often outdated, difficult to use and ill-suited to increasing sales. In particular, stores using Joomla! represent a large, untapped and fast-growing market that is crying out for a better e-commerce solution.

Our suite of products are also straightforward to use, updated and customized both on the front end and on the back end; most importantly, we have a tight focus on increasing sales and bottom line profit for our clients.

‘corePHP’s first-rate suite of products is expanding rapidly within the Joomla! e-commerce space, and we’re ramping up to scale the products beyond Joomla! into the wider e-commerce market.


Many e-commerce platforms require core modifications in order to meet the needs of the shop owner. This can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to update, potentially causing extensive security vulnerabilities. Additionally, e-commerce stores using Joomla! frequently experience the following key pain points:

Deficient tax matrices frequently hinder seamless international orders.

Most platforms have difficult and complex user administration issues.

Many are built more to display products than to actively drive sales.


‘corePHP’s products were built by experienced Joomla! developers to address these needs. Our e-commerce solution is designed to offer store owners technologies that enable them to manage their product lines more efficiently, capture a larger global audience, and most importantly to reach higher revenues and increased bottom line profits.


The two key products that differentiate ‘corePHP’s offering are paGO Commerce and SEO Wingman.

It also includes a powerful tax matrix to facilitate domestic and international payments. A fee of 3.45% + 35¢ is charged on all transactions through paGO Quickpay. Where shoppers choose to make use of PayPal and other Gateways, we have a built in mechanism that will currently extract a $9.99/month user fee.

paGO Commerce is a secure, highly extendable platform that allows for continuous updates. The ease of updating paGO Commerce with different store configurations eliminates a very significant vector for many security vulnerabilities suffered by our competitors. Additionally, paGO Commerce can conduct real-time currency conversion in multiple currencies, a major advantage in relation to other Joomla! e-commerce carts, since no competitor offers this service, a necessity for international transactions.

SEO Wingman is currently available only on Joomla!, but it is being built out through a partnership with Mediaura to form an additional recurring revenue stream that can be offered across multiple CMS.

paGO Commerce is very easy to use! The front-end is highly customizable, offers multiple tools to make sales faster and more automated, increases conversions and is ideally suited to maximizing sales. Perhaps even more importantly, the back-end user interface is very user friendly; we built it to help our users to spend very little time managing their website and more selling their products.


Many in the Joomla! community are passionate supporters of the solution we offer. You can see, for example, enthusiastic reviews of our products onbestofJoomla.com, simbunch.com, and Joomlaresources.com.


We have 17,000 subscribers to our newsletter, a very good name in the space and a deep network of contacts that facilitate our ongoing rapid expansion. To date, although we have yet to do any paid marketing for paGO Commerce, it already has over 1,200 installations.

Some of our more prominent customers include thieme.com, a leading medical publishing company that we recently upgraded to paGO Commerce, andslidegeeks.com, the leading online subscription for PowerPoint presentation templates.

Based on our current sales team of three and 1,200 installs of paGO Commerce in our first eight months since stable release, our objectives for 2016 are, with an expanded sales force of 11 people, to complete a minimum of 15,000 installs. Based on our current success rate this is an extremely conservative projection.

Looking to the future, we are planning to make future releases of paGO Commerce and SEO Wingman CMS-agnostic; this will enable the company to expand in additional platforms, starting with WordPress and Drupal.


Steven is one of the co-founders of the Joomla! Content Management System, and one of the world’s foremost open source software advocates. Steven leads the movement for independent open source software developers to build modular, yet highly capable core applications, to extend the power and utility of sites, without touching the core code. His business philosophy is: “Design to avoid rigidity, fragility, and immobility.” 

Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. He recently oversaw the creation and launch of paGO Commerce, ‘corePHP’s most successful software product launch to date.

Contact Information:

Steven Pignataro
Michael Pignataro

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