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Jan 15, 2016 10:06 AM ET

Archived: Long Beach Brewing Company, Inc.: Brewing craft beer with a local vibe. Please help us raise the funds for the next step, bringing Long Beach, NY its first farm brewery.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016

Hello Fellow Beer Lovers!

We are Long Beach Brewing Company, Inc. We have come to Kickstarter seeking your help in order to further our mission.

We founded in 2010 with the idea of making delicious beer for our local beer loving friends. Since we all have day jobs, we set out to learn the business of making beer, while creating exciting new recipes and honing in the great ones we already have. Now, we are ready to take the next step and make this a reality.

Long Beach Brewing Company, Inc. is dedicated to all things beer and community. We strongly feel it is instrumental for a healthy business to be part of the community they represent. We have already had the honor of participating in many fundraising events in the area, Long Beach Christmas Angel, Finnfest and Unsound Surf and Art show, just to name a few.

We will start by renting space at an existing brewery called A Taste of Long island. It is a three barrel brewery in Farmingdale, NY. This business model is perfect for us at startup. Capital outlay will be drastically reduced because we don’t have to build a brewery from scratch! 

The funds we are looking to raise will go toward the equipment we will need to start production. We have been very resourceful in building many components to our everyday operations such as our grain mill, keg filler/cleaner and 1 barrel pilot system. But now we need to purchase our bright tank and 2 fermentors as well as new kegs.  A wort chiller, new hoses, ingredients and other miscellaneous items are on the list. Also we intend to use the funds to help us with our legal fees associated with getting us up and running. 

As for selling our product, the most important thing is we are uniquely positioned to be selling at capacity from startup. We have the tremendous community of Long Beach, NY with all its bars and restaurants just waiting to pour the goodness. This negates a need to start from scratch and pound the pavement to sell our beer. As we expand our output we will branch out to the adjoining communities such as Island Park, Oceanside and especially Rockville Center which boasts a ridiculous amount of bars and restaurants.  After that, we will extend our distribution to New York City, where we already have a number of bars that are interested in serving our beers.

Another top priority for us, as we grow, is to be on the forefront of greening our brewery. We will strive to find ways both established and innovative to lessen our impact on the environment.

Here are our costs:

Equipment and rent:

Rent per month to A Taste of Long Island Total = $635

2 – 3 Bbl Jacketed Fermenters = $9,000

1- 3 Bbl Jacketed Brite tank = $4.472 60 Kegs

1/6 bbl @ $67 = $4,020 Glycol Chiller = $5000

Total = $14,392

Boardwalk Cream Ale

Per brew cost Total = $356

Starting Inventory (2 Month Supply)

Malt & Hops Total = $1672


Provided by James F. Sutton Agency Total = $6200

Legal Fees

Total = $2100


Contact Information:

Long Beach Brewing Company Inc.

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