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Jan 15, 2016 9:23 AM ET

Happy Family Asian Grocery Store LLC

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 15, 2016
Personal Story

My name is Kyaw S. Hang . I was born in Myanmar. I used to live in refugee camp for almost 10 years. when I was living in refugee camp, I was a farmer and raise pigs and chicken. I came to United States as a refugee in 2011. Now, I live in Minnesota and working as a eggs picker at Willmar Poultry. It been about 4 years already. My dream is to open a grocery store that can help me and my family actively and passively.

Business Description

I would like to open grocery store. I Planning to start at the beginning of 2016. I decide to start this business because I believe this can help the community members that currently working in Willmar and also, it is necessary for relocated worker of my community. The biggest challenge is getting enough endowment to start a business properly. The customer will be diverse community in Willmar. My goal are to grow and let community know the business exists and and attract customers from other cities and this will bring my family to Willmar. I can stop working at Willmar Poultry because business is sustaining me and be apart of the Willmar community that is a comfort location for new coming asians by this point looking at possible growth and purchase of building if it’s doable and to grow together with community.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I am going to spend the loan on buying two cooler which is necessary to start a business. Two cooler will cost $5000 dollars. I believe this loan can help partially to start a business smoothly. Through this loan, less worry to start a new business and we can even save some of our endowment for emergency need.

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