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Jan 14, 2016 10:35 AM ET

TAILORED: the whole market tailored to your needs in seconds

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 14, 2016


The Tailored layer creates a unique blend of advertising and commerce that gives publishers control of their audiences and delivers three new revenue streams (without users leaving the site, or slowing page load times).
– Publishers add a free line of code. Our technology tailors products to content then products to users using contextual matching.
– Tailoring products to users delivers the worlds richest insight on buying decisions and journeys. This highly prized intent data can boost income from advertising by 4x.
– ‘Promoted products’ and ecommerce add further incremental and always-on revenue streams (ecommerce revenue is boosted by UB.io) so users checkout without leaving the site.


Publishers are in a perfect storm:
– Mobile traffic is booming but only 8% of publisher income comes from mobile despite now accounting for 60% of traffic.
– Ad blocking is forcing publisher innovation.
– *Real* user intent data is more valuable than the low quality ‘assumed’ 3rd party data the last 10 years has been based on.
– eCommerce is distributed so decision journeys are fragmented, but buying can happen anywhere. So advertisers will pay more for in-market customers.
Consequently Publishers are seeking control of their audiences and their data and actively testing new revenue streams. Tailored delivers on all these issues.


We offer three revenue streams from one line of code:
1) Sales of intent data from users tailoring the market to their needs.
2) Sales of products within the Tailored layer.
3) ‘Promoted products’ product ads within the Tailored layer.

We split all income with publishers. So they don’t pay for integration or any licences.
If they trade the intent data and find advertisers, we receive a 30% cut. If we do it all, we retain 70%.
All other revenue streams (like affiliate income) are split 50/50.


Tailored is a personal data business.
This means we can understand whole markets and deliver advertising against these needs. So potential acquirer are numerous.

Publishing monetisation businesses like Outbrain or Taboola who want to get into advertising data.
Existing consumer data businesses like Experian or Quantcast who want to offer first party data.
Ad businesses like AOL who offer a suite of ad tech for clients, and monetisation.
Threatened affiliate businesses like Skimlinks who want to offer more advertising services.

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