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Jan 13, 2016 7:03 AM ET

Archived: TABSYS: Improve performance, enhance quality, increase profitability via observed data collection

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 13, 2016

Improve performance, enhance quality, increase profitability via observed data collection.

Organisations worldwide need to record and analyse observations of activities but current methods are laborious, costly and provide limited data analysis. These activities can include staff performance, site inspections or compliance checks. TabSys has developed and launched mobile and multilingual services to enable clients to objectively record observations of staff, business spaces and requirements. Using their cloud services, clients can track performance in real-time, instantly identify areas that are underperforming and make informed decisions from anywhere in the world.



    Clients define their own assessment areas, e.g. employee performance, site inspections, activity monitoring, etc. The areas can then be assessed on field-based devices, objectively recording observations of staff, business spaces and requirements. The assessment criteria are described in the language of the individual user and results are sent to a cloud-based platform for collation and scoring, producing a wide selection of reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Future plans include integrating the product into 3rd party app ecosystems such as Salesforce, allowing Tabsys to tap into existing client bases and offer an industry leading data assessment service at scale.


    Organisations produce vast amounts of data from activities such as staff & site inspections, performance assessment, etc. Collation & analysis of this data is laborious with legacy systems often simply recording outcomes on forms. TabSys transforms this process into a speedy, value-add process, benefiting from immediate data capture and operational decision making. A suite of multi-lingual Mobile & Cloud services empower businesses to monitor multi-step processes, across regions and countries capturing observed status & behaviour anywhere, anytime. Problem areas can be quickly identified, investigated and addressed.


    TabSys is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business that has proven that it can earn recurring monthly revenues and high margins from customers paying per user assessments or per device. Customer revenue can be increased with additional functionality such as multi-language support and powerful data discovery. Sales will be achieved through both direct and online (self-serve) revenue with the addition of specific corporate projects where appropriate. Our strategic sales plan targets specific sectors in the UK rolling to Europe in the 2nd year the US and the rest of the world over successive years.


    TabSys is projecting an IRR of 70% over 5 years, based on a £35M exit & conservative PE ratio of 10. TabSys plans to sell to complementary or competing businesses by year 5. We will have an established team, a varied product set and proven penetration in key markets, providing further potential for the acquirer. The closest adjacent players in the survey market have high valuations. SurveyMonkey has made a number of acquisitions, including paying $35M for Wuffoo (a form building system). SalesForce made acquisitions to expand its service offering, as have other B2B software companies attracted to acquiring cloud-based platforms that create contextual big data to accelerate business growth.

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