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Jan 12, 2016 6:46 PM ET

Archived: The Live Free Or Die Project: The Shona Banda Story

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016

Shona Banda is a personal friend of mine, and more than just the subject of my upcoming Docu-Series “Live Free Or Die”. This film series is not a sudden spur of the moment idea, it is 6 years in the making. We have now reached the time to shoot the final primaries of this project, so we can begin to show the world the journey of this single mother/teacher/activist and author who was once on deaths door step and is now, potentially facing 28-34 years in prison.  

Shona is also the Executive Producer of the series and will soon be forced to deal with me on a very intimate basis as I film her day to day life, while in the 2nd biggest battle she has ever encountered. A lot of the footage I shoot will end up being chopped, but I intend on making sure ALL FOOTAGE will still be utilized TWO-FOLD. The first goal will be working with Kansas activists in exposing a corrupted Department of Children and Families in the state of Kansas. The second goal, will be continuing to support grass root movements and groups in the cannabis legalization campaign. The over all credit of that footage will be given to those involved in this first campaign. 

This is the start up funding for the filming unit of Shona’s story as just a first introduction to this docu-series. Since it will be the primary unit, the sponsors will be credited in every segment of footage shown of Shona, as the “First Unit Production Crew”. Each of you who participate in this campaign will literally be the FIRST RESPONSE TEAM of the project, but this is only phase one of a much broader plan, that will be developed into a continuing series beyond Shona’s personal life. And even though our first focus is all about her personal life , we both have many future subjects and people that we intend on spotlighting when their story is needed to be told. And with your help, we will have everything we require to do that, already properly set in motion.  

This $10,000 dollar start up will be spent as frugally as possible on the temporary rental of an RV that I will use as a studio to shoot all the primary interview shots of Shona, her friends, family, patients, clients, students, and supporters. Saving us money on hotels, while allowing us to be mobile, in order to take the studio to those who can get to the studio themselves. This is not my first rodeo, and I have built a reputation of producing off shoe string budgets. At times, I feel it helps to push a better final product when I don’t have the luxury of falling back on just throwing more money into more production. Plus, I intend on showing everybody my progression during filming, and not just make you wait in wonder, for completion. I want to do this not only so people know their money is truly an investment in working towards a better world and not being wasted, but also to bring everyone supporting this project, closer to the actual development of the whole.

Even though I normally film with my own digital gear, a small portion of this start up will go to a local Kansas film company. It will employ a professional crew for 2 days of shooting in Kansas, under my direction, for the purpose of a few crucial points of filming, that will require more sophisticated equipment. As far as me personally, all I will be budgeted for is food and shelter during this shoot. I have agreed to this because I know we can make it work, and I know with a little sacrifice, we will be rewarded a strong future!

Speaking of rewards, we will be updating our sponsor gifts as we continue this campaign, and as we receive more donations from those who want to contribute through art, merchandise, and services. Shona will be offering a digital copy of her book “Live Free or Die: Reclaim Your Life…Reclaim Your Country”. A very talented friend of mine has donated a couple paintings that will be up for art collectors. Shirts, hats, dvd’s, and goodie bags will also be available ASAP. And I will be offering a few people the chance to become an actual producer of the first film, and not just in the credits. We will have private online screenings of footage throughout production, and you will have the chance to talk to me directly as each scene is pieced together. I will be soliciting opinions and critiquing the way a film producer would do. I look forward to meeting the people who participate in this first phase of the Shona Banda Story, because I know you will mean so much more in this process personally to me than those who will band wagon on later. Thank U ~KC Taynor


Contact Information:

KC Kush Taynor

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