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Jan 12, 2016 2:24 PM ET

Archived: Rosie Crow’s Debut Album: waiting for the oppurtunity to get in the studio and make it happen

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016
The music is my passion, and over the past year I’ve spent countless hours writing the songs until I am ready for people to hear them. But that’s the easy bit!
It’s a fiercely competetive world out there, and many talented musicians sink without trace. I want this album to stand a chance of getting heard and maybe even being a success and the launch pad of a solo career for myself. But to have any chance it must be produced to the highest quality, and then promoted properly, and all of that takes money.
It costs a lot to produce an album professionally. Studio costs alone are a couple of thousand. Then there is production of the physical album itself – cover design, artwork, and then manufacture. Plus of course marketing… it’s no use creating great music if no-one gets to hear it!
So that’s why I’ve come up with this Crowdfunding idea in the hope that friends, family, and most importantly all of you who have supported me in my musical career with Rosie And The Goldbug, can now become a part of this new project, – be patrons of my art! 
Every pledge, no matter how small, will be massively appreciated. I’ve set a minimum amount for each level of pledge, but if you’d like to give more I won’t say no!
Lots of love
Rosie xxx
Contact Information:

Rosie Crow

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