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Jan 12, 2016 10:57 AM ET

Raleigh & Drake – Platform for delivering travel-app guides.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016

Raleigh & Drake logo

Raleigh & Drake

Platform for delivering travel-app guides.

Raleigh & Drake is a millennial-focused travel/tech brand founded on the principles of the power of travel to transform, the core need for transparency in the tourism industry, and fundamental belief that curators own the future.

At the core of our brand platform is a sophisticated tech platform that allows anyone to build their own mobile-app travel guide to anywhere in the world, in under 30 minutes. The apps (called RADs) are free to build and share, and all recommendations that are technically bookable will be made so on-demand and in-app, with the RAD curator earning commission on any transactions made.

Curators can easily share RADS across all

December 2015—Platform for delivering custom travel guide apps
December 2015—Platform for deploying custom travel guide apps
Curators can build and share customized travel guide mobile-apps, while following fellow curators and influencers on an instagram-like feed.


  • Patrick Sarkissian

    Fortune favors the bold.

  • Gilad Goren

    Founder: Raleigh & Drake, Travel+SocialGood, Only Six Degrees.
    Teacher: Adjunct Professor, NYU – Sustainable Tourism.
    Focus: travel/tourism, impact, community.




  • Jeffrey Zurofsky

    I have followed my passion for entrepreneurship and the culinary arts throughout my career creating the perfect blend as co-founder & CEO of ’wichcraft.

Contact Information:

Patrick Sarkissian
Gilad Goren

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