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Jan 12, 2016 5:12 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016

North Pole – The Final meltdown, is a strong and symbolic imagery collection efforts aim to alert the world to the effects of global warming,. It is engaged in the collection of wildlife pictures in which their existence is in danger, as the media Polar Bear.

North Pole -The last frontier. One of the most inhospitable places in the world inhabited by the media Polar Bear, Walrus, Arctic foxes, whales who  visit the months of thaw and some birds. Much has been said about global warming and its effects “practical” in the world. One of the most  affected areas has been the North Pole, losing ice year to year. Given the less ice and less time in which the ice remains in the Arctic waters has increased polar bear deaths due to food shortages. It is estimated that the daytime running there is only 3000 polar bears at the North Pole.

The news given by scientists are not encouraging and predict that the leave be ice in the Arctic in a period less than 50 years.

 As a wildlife photographer, it is my duty to try to do something to help stop the melting and the rise in global temperature. Or at the  very least … collecting photographic records that make us remember years from now, what we have lost …

The ultimate goal of this documentary expedition is to create a wide range of images that will enable the preparation of a book  and also the creation of a itinerária exhibition that is intended to be displayed in the main European capitals.

To be a freelance photographer, all the expenses of the trip will have to get to my office and I confess that it is financially impossible to carry out this project without help.

So the amount you ask (3000 €) only covers about 46% of total spending that will go to the trip.



Pedro Rego 36, Bragança Natural – Nature Photographer, specializing in Wild Life and Landscape.

Physical Education teacher of academic training, abandoned the profession at age 34 to devote himself exclusively to Photography Wildlife and Nature. Winner of 4 awards, Shot trainer, already had several photos published in publications and magazines. Total 3 photos recognized by National Geographic Portugal and now works with Nature Conservation associations. Its favorite animal, the Iberian wolf and deer. In 2015 prepared the project “The scavenger” where you shot the existing scavenger birds in Portugal. Keeps running the Wild State Project – Behind the Wild Montes, who hopes to present in the last quarter of 2016.


Date of travel – June 8

Help end date for the project: March 1

Itemized expenses: (approximate and rounded values)

– Travel round trip: 1000€
– 8 days expedition (boat, rubber boat, guide) – € 3,000€
– 3 days ground shipping – 1,000€
– Two days accommodation Longyerbyden 150€
– Food and other expenses (250€)
– Polar clothes shops (800€)

Exclude the purchase of essential photographic material for this work.

Final total: 6,200€
Help ask: 3000€



Contact Information:

Pedro Rego

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