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Jan 12, 2016 5:52 PM ET

Archived: Duke’s Place Called Home: Help us to keep calf sanctuary alive

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 12, 2016

Calf Sanctuary

6 years ago Ma and Da took a leap into the darkness. They left town life and a good business behind to do something worthwhile and meaningful.
They rescued an old cow (mamamoo) and her dying baby (LuVu) and it all started there.
That special old lady touched hearts.
Calf is now home to many rescues and we have spread over 3 different areas with 2 extra fields, of which also causes a huge strain and extra workload.
All the rescues are totally dependant upon owners Sharon & Warren who work tirelessly to keep it all going, alongside running online websites and also a vegan cafe.

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Sadly we have been told by the owners of our home, that our tenancy this year is not going to be renewed.
This news came as a big shock, this means by july this year we will be homeless.
Of course we can easily find a home for ourselves, we can even put many of the rescues on rented fie
lds which is far from ideal but if it means keeping them safe then so be it….BUT

We have a couple of huge worries.
Some of the rescues we have are totally dependant….

Like lucy the sheep, who has a deformed jawline and cannot graze like sheep, so she needs special food and to be fed regularly.
Our main concern is Duke the Bullock as he is severely disabled and totally dependant upon us.
He came into calf march 2015 with severe injuries and Sharon and Warren battled against the odds for months to try and get the care he needed. Relentless they remodelled their lives to fit around the needs of this special little bullock who has had a hard time in life.
He was born a dwarf which meant he was worthless right from the start. He was hurt we presume by horned cows, which we believe cause damaged to his pelvis and also neurological damage.
After months of care and trying to get the help from professionals we began to realise that we really were alone with this.
we began to accept that there literally seemed to be no one out there who could help us, yet we love this boy like a child and dedicated our lives to helping him.
We now know that duke will never walk really well again, we have had a hoisting system built within his shed and also a special wheelcart made from him to keep him mobile

We cannot leave him for longer than 4 hour periods and without us duke will have no life…
We have tried to find rented accommodation, yet there is nothing that would allow the animals that we have. The only real option we have is to buy somewhere, yet the odds are stacked against us and so is time.
We have to be out of our home by july which is a huge almost impossible task and this is where you THE PEOPLE come in
Dukes life and his story is a special one and he has reached out to many people since he has been at calf. He bonded with a little lamb called kevin that never left his side when he arrived, they have built a very special friendship

He has helped people to see the love and beauty with the special bond he has with his best friend kevin the lamb and his human parents Sharon and Warren.
The harsh reality of dukes future if we do not find a home is unbearable

The Yellow Brick Road

The journey over the next few months is make or break for calf sanctuary and all our residents.
We have spent the last month looking for the “place called home”
Somewhere where we can relocate and bring ALL our rescues together in one place.
Last year i sold a property that i bought as an investment many years ago for my future pension, in the hopes that i could raise enough money for a deposit. Sadly the banks wanted more, as i would need a business mortgage not a domestic one, as i need to run the sanctuary as a business to provide income to repay the mortgage, which means a 40-50% deposit.
I raised around 25% but still a long way off and the property needs to be able to provide an income, so would need to be able to run a bed and breakfast or cafe facility within.
We have found a number of property’s that would be suitable, but all come with a price tag way beyond our available funds.
We are looking at the bottom end of the market and not stretching beyond as we know even the bottom end is a huge ask.
We found a place that has 35 acres of which the owner is prepared to hold the land and let us buy the home with 7 acres to start at 450,000 and purchase the remaining land at a later date yet rent it till that time
We realistically have only 3 months to raise the funds and secure a home.

When we get the “place called home” it will mean our much loved highland cow rescues “Gevan and Edradore” can come home to live with us at calf instead of a field miles away.
It will mean the our two heifers in whitby ( a field miles away) can come home to calf and that all our rescue will have shelter and space instead of cramped conditions.

It will also mean that we can finally open our doors to the public ( as we are restricted where we live) and let the world meet the beautiful Duke, kevin and the gang.
People can come an connect with the animals they love in real life :0) which will reach out to more people and touch hearts.

Be Part Of The Dream

Help us to keep calf sanctuary alive.
Without your support we cannot do this…
I have my much loved vegan cafe to sell which will also go on the market this year, but at present it is our only source of income to keep the sanctuary going. If it sells the equity raised will go towards building a business (cafe crafts etc ) within the new sanctuary.
Nitty gritty …Just to find a deposit we are looking in excess of 100,000 to go with the savings we already have…Ideally the more we raise the more chance we have of a bank lending us the money needed
If we can secure the place we have seen, there is huge potential to expand over the years and to get open to the public with so much more than a sanctuary.
Our hopes are to share our dream with you the people and we tell it from the heart…We are not after fame and fortune. All we want is to keep our much loved rescues safe and keep calf sanctuary alive for years to come.
Be part of the dream and i promise we will never let you down


Contact Information:

Sharon Lawlor

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