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Jan 11, 2016 12:00 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jan 11, 2016



In 2007, Rainn Wilson became involved with the Mona Foundation, a non-profit organization which supports grassroots educational initiatives worldwide, and in 2014 he joined the board of directors. Along with a very successful career in acting (you may recognize him as Dwight from “The Office”, “Backstrom”, or from “Six Feet Under”.) Wilson has been very involved in working with youth through the arts. Rainn and his wife, Holiday Reinhorn are the founders of Lidè.

Lidè programs serve out-of-school and “at-risk” adolescent girls. Girls in Lidè discover their unique voice through creative writing, theater, photography and film. These disciplines become a gateway into an academic education as well as a means for improving literacy, leadership and critical thinking. Lidè activities come together in values-based themes that help adolescent girls explore the life questions that all youth face on a local and global scale.

Our program work begins with understanding the needs of a community and then training teachers to provide arts programs to adolescent girls. We then mentor these programs toward sustainability. As programs continue, they provide a safe space where Lidè participants find their human dignity and inner strength, gain learning and life skills, and walk a path toward resiliency, self-determination, efficacy, and leadership through service.

The cause


Hello, fellow Zonkey lovers.

How would I describe this campaign? Simple…

Thom Pain

Okay, let’s break that down… If you win this campaign, I’ll fly you and a friend to Los Angeles (from anywhere in the world), put you up in a hotel, and you can take my family’s zonkey, Derek, for a walk. Fact – Derek is one of the most wonderful zonkeys in the world. Another fact – I can’t wait for you to meet him.

After the zonkey walk? You’ll get two tickets to the closing night of my new play “Thom Pain (based on nothing)” at The Geffen Playhouse.

Also during this zonkey-filled trip of yours? Dinner with me! Why is all this happening? Well, I’ll explain that, too!

My wife, Holiday, and I started an organization called Lidè Haiti to help provide education to girls in rural Haiti. We use the arts to empower the girls in this community, and the results have been spectacular.

It only takes $5 to enter, and all of the money helps provide education through Lidè Haiti. $300 will give a girl a year of primary school education, and $500 will give her a year of secondary school. Plus, the more money you donate, the more rewards there are… and each reward gets you multiple entries into the grand prize

Some of the rewards include a t-shirt of me and Derek, me recording your voicemail, a signed Dwight Schrute bobblehead…or if you want, I’ll write you a postcard!

So, for every $5 donated for rewards, you’ll get an extra entry into the sweepstakes!

Thank you so much for considering making this donation to Lidè. See one of you soon!

-Rainn (and Derek)

Contact Information:

Lidè Haiti

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