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Jan 7, 2016 4:32 PM ET

Archived: Yamakiya Taiko Fukushima Japan – US Concert Tour 2016: Help Yamakiya Taiko to fly to MI USA from Fukushima Japan! The concert will be held on Mar 22nd 2016 at the Power Center, Ann Arbor MI!

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 7, 2016

Who is  Yamakiya Taiko?

The youth Taiko drum ensemble, Yamakiya Taiko from Fukushima Japan, ranges in age from12–21, and has been together for almost sixteen years. The disasters of 2011 forced the ensemble into exile, but against the odds, their commitment to music and to each other has helped them to endure and evolve.


Alas, several of the group’s members are graduating from high school and almost ready to move on, but they all wish to pool their energies towards one thunderous expression of gratitude and optimism to the world – a concert in the US, that might encourage all to remember what Yamakiya members have learned to remember daily – namely, that which is precious in one’s own heart, (When one hears/feels the powerful taiko sound, it triggers a deep lasting emotional resonance). 

What is the Fukushima Tribute Concert?

The Fukushima Tribute Concert, presented exactly 5 years after the disasters, will feature the Yamakiya Taiko. It’ll be held on March 22nd at the Power Center, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.  This is an admission-free concert, open to the public. Yamakiya Taiko would love to share the power of their music with people in the US who supported them during their hard time. 

Power Center Ann Arbor MI
Power Center Ann Arbor MI

A few organizations of the University of Michigan have generously provided two-thirds of the total cost of the concert tour in the US. Also, Yamakiya Taiko has been saving money towards their travel costs since the beginning of last year, but they still need a few thousands dollars more to reach their goal.

Where do the funds go?

• towards airline expenses for 12 people (Narita Japan to Detroit MI USA) 
• Rental fee for the special stands of the Taiko drums.

What are the Rewards?

• $   5 – Thank-You-Message (Email) from Yamakiya Taiko

• $ 15 – DIGITAL Download of Original Music (Album) by Yamakiya Taiko

• $ 20 – Thank-You-Card (handwriting) from Yamakiya Taiko 

• $ 25 – Fukushima Tribute Concert Tour T-shirts

Yamakiya Taiko Fukushima Tribute Concert T-shirts
Yamakiya Taiko Fukushima Tribute Concert T-shirts

• $ 200 – Fukushima Tribute Concert Tour DVD.

Since this concert is admission free, if anyone wants to buy the digital album of the Yamakiya Taiko, or the tour t-shirts, and or the DVD… it would be huge help!  

Thank you for your consideration! 



Contact Information:

Yamakiya Taiko MI USA Concert Staff

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