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Jan 7, 2016 5:22 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jan 7, 2016

Hello everyone!

Wecome to my new project.

My name is António Vasco Moraes and I am a Fado singer.

After the success of my first album, “Saudade” (2011), I felt that this would be the right moment to engage myself in a new adventure and I invite everyone to join me in.
I am preparing my second CD and that is the reason why you are reading this.

As you may know, the independent production of a musical project, gives us the freedom to do it as we want. Most of the times differently from what record companies, produces and others think it’s more convenient in terms of sales.

The only thing is that this freedom comes with a much higher price tag.
If you want the things you believe in to happen, there are risks needed to be taken!

I need your help to make this plan of conquering the world see the daylight.

To record a CD there are a lot of expenses we need to cover:

  • Record studio;
  • Muscial producer and the technicians;
  • Musicians;
  • Graphic work (photography + design);
  • Payments of author rights;
  • Duplicating the CD;
  • Distributing it;
  • Promoting it.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and my crowdfunder friends will be able to follow all the phases of this process, through photographs, videos, etc…

I’m counting on you!

Thank you very much.

António Vasco Moraes


António Vasco Moraes was born in Lisbon, where he started to sing Fado at the age of 18, still as an amateur.

António belonged to the fixed cast of many fado restaurants and has been a constant presence in Fado for the last two decades.

Currently he sings every wednesday in Guarda-Mor (a restaurant located in the historical neighborhood of Madragoa), where he is also in charge of the musical program.

He is a “fadista” with a vast performing curriculum, with shows throughout Portugal, as well as abroad. Having already performed in Macau, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Algeria, among other countries.

In 2011 recorded his debut solo album, named “Saudade”. Mostly a traditional fado CD, that includes 3 unpublished lyrics, written by himself.


The CD is due to be launched in April 2016

In the music business field, finantial resources are never enough. If a higher amount is raised, it will be used to promote the work. Thus if you see me on TV you can hysterically shout that you are one of the responsible people of me being there!

Contact Information:

António Vasco Moraes

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