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Jan 6, 2016 7:39 AM ET

SeaExpress Logistics: only operator with a sales force and targeted marketing program

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 6, 2016

As 50% of vessel OpEx is fuel, 50% fixed, vast sums are only earned in shipping by cherry-picking ultra-short voyages to/from ultra-busy ports to maximize voyage count. We join Absolute Shipping, largest thriving operator in this trade, who provide all cargoes and full back office. We are immediately profitable, Voyage 1, Month 1! Others do 49.8 voyages & earn $178,000/yr. We complete 165 and earn over $4 million/ ship/yr. We cash buy Ship 1, end Year-1 with 7 more cash buy ships from profit + $8M in cash. The ultra-active UK coastal/cross channel market to Holland/France yields this opportunity. No start up risk! None. Return: 30% on $1.2M collateralized cash + 20% on $600K credit reserve.

Our sales/marketing team targets large frequent shippers/receivers who move wheat, barley, malt, fertilizer, animal feed, china clay, granular plastic, ground glass, intermediate/finished steel products. Only we provide full port supervision and custom high-speed supplemental load/discharge gear to cut port time and direct delivery customer to vessel to increase voyage count. This eliminates customer in/out of port warehouse costs and their costly truck port wait time. We bring Yankee ingenuity to Europe! As bulk deals hinge on just $.25/ton, out $5-7/ton customer savings yields us steady long term contract customers.

SEL will be the only operator with a sales force and targeted marketing program. Others simply find cargoes through phone brokers. Few have any named, steady or repeat customers. None carry supplemental cargo handling gear to speed handling, hatch tents so that vessel can load dry in the frequent heavy rains, provide port supervision & novel handling scenarios to save the customer money and create dedicated customers. Our leader has consulted for major carriers the world over doing just this. Only we video every port call to prevent fraudulent cargo damage claims and the inordinate time the cargo buyer/seller unhappily spend in arguing these “claims”.

Products / Services

Lightening Short Trip Ocean Transport

SeaExpress Logistics cash purchases 2,350 metric ton Ship #1 which provides hard investor security. It joins Absolute Shipping’s 7 vessel fleet so that we are immediately Profitable Voyage 1, Month 1. NO START-UP RISK, NONE.

Absolute Shipping is the leading operator in the unique and surging ultra-short fast trip UK coastal and cross channel bulk commodity trade to/from Holland, Belgium and Northern France. Absolute now moves 400 of the 3,500 annual profitable cargoes offered and thus needs much more capacity which we will provide.

By the end of Year 1, we will cash purchase 3 more ships, providing security well in excess of the investment and return. During Year 2 generated cash buys 8 more vessels, covering investor payout many times.

We will be the only operator to gorw our 3,500 trip market via direct customer visits, contract sales, provide full port supervision, supplemental cargo handling gear to speed port calls, cut customer port costs and generate huge returns.


Contact Information:

John VanPlantinga

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