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Jan 6, 2016 3:57 PM ET

Archived: Outsourcely.com: Find, Hire & Manage The Most Talented Remote Workers Around The World

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 6, 2016


Outsourcely connects employers from all English speaking countries with remote workers from all countries around the world. Through a stringent vetting process, a unique pricing structure and a seamless built-in project management platform, Outsourcely makes it easier than ever before to find workers looking for long-term, permanent work.

Remote work is no fad- it’s the future of work. With half of the American workforce expected to enter the remote workforce by 2020, remote work presents unique opportunities for both employers and workers. Outsourcely picks up where earlier platforms left off, harnessing the unique benefits of remote work in a single platform.


Hiring remote workers can be hugely beneficial to your bottom line, as more and more business owners are finding out. As the shift to location-independent work continues, it can be hard to know where to look for the right workers.


Outsourcely brings everything together in one simple, easy-to-use platform. We connect professional remote workers around the world with employers in the US.

Our huge and growing talent pool aren’t just looking for a quick buck… they’re looking for long-term working relationships based on mutual trust and exceptional productivity.

Outsourcely can cut your payroll costs by up to 75 percent. Need we say more?

Other platforms charge a 10 percent fee for every payment transaction. Outsourcely gives employers access to unlimited remote workers for a single monthly rate. Set it and forget it to get unlimited access to an eager workforce.

One of the most common complaints with remote work sites is the disconnect between the hiring process and workflow. Which platform are you going to use for that? It’s an unnecessary barrier to getting to work.

Outsourcely includes a dynamic, simple project management platform that puts everything at your fingertips. Once you hire a remote worker, she can get right to work with our simple tools.

Outsourcely includes all the tools you need:

There’s no need clump together a bunch of different apps to get work done. Just log into Outsourcely and get it done.


Outsourcely workers are the cream of the crop, and must adhere to our strict standards.

Only 50 percent of Outsourcely applicants make it through our signup process. What’s left is real workers with real skills.

Whatever your needs, Outsourcely has a workforce for it.

Many think that the tough signup process would scare away remote workers- on the contrary, serious remote workers are all too eager to get rid of weak competition- it makes the good ones easier to find. Outsourcely remote teams wear their profiles as a badge of honor.

Outsourcely allows remote workers to put their work in front of thousands of employers, dramatically expanding their options and increasing the likelihood of finding long-term employment and building great working relationships.

They also love Outsourcely’s payment system: unlike other platforms, remote workers don’t have to incorporate the 10 percent fee other platforms charge into their rate. And because we don’t interfere with payments, they can get paid on their platform of choice, be it PayPal, direct deposit, or anything else.

Outsourcely is the easiest way to eliminate the high turnover rates that seem to be par for the course with remote workers. It’s the fastest path to better work at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Outsourcely is more than a startup: the platform is currently 100,000 registered remote workers strong and growing at about 171 percent each month. 2,500 employers are cutting costs and eliminating freelancing frustrations with Outsourcely.

In early 2016 we’re going to launch major integrations with other platforms: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailchimp, and many, many more.

Want to hear more about the future of Outsourcely? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out why Outsourcely is positioned to lead small businesses to the future of work.  


Oleg is a user-focused technology executive. Over the past six years, he’s successfully built his own business utilizing a talent pool of outsourcing pioneers, an experience that made him intimately familiar with every layer of outsourcing, and which led him to found Outsourcely.

Aden has self-funded four ecommerce companies, two of which generated a combined revenue of $1.3 million+ per year. His background includes online advertising, sales, fundraising, lead generation, marketing and growth strategies.

Rainier is a software engineering expert with extensive expertise in development, quality assurance, project management and optimization. He’s built more than 100 sites and applications.

Jason brings 15 years of experience in developing, managing, optimizing and scaling ad campaigns for AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.




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