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Yes, we’re back! As you may remember, we brought you the World’s First Biometric Smart Shirt in 2013, with an amazing response here on Indiegogo that saw us reach 166% of our goal! We’re now bringing you Hexoskin Smart, the World’s First Biometric Smart Shirt compatible with your favorite fitness tracking apps likeStrava, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Endomondo, and MapMyRun. We appreciated your support in 2013 so much that we decided that you should be the first to benefit from the discounted launch price of our newest technology: Hexoskin Smart.


Boxer Sarah McFarlane training with Hexoskin at the Australian Institute of Sport


To help you know more about your health

You probably know more about your car’s health than about your own. That’s crazy! We’re on a mission to change this. We want every human being on Earth to be able to collect and share their health data anywhere, anytime. This is why we created the Hexoskin smart shirt. Join us in helping shape the future of smart clothing, and revolutionizing the way people take care of their health. Claim your perk now!


Ariane Lavigne, Olympic Snowboarder, monitors her breathing during her yoga sessions


Hexoskin Smart is a sensor-embedded smart shirt that monitors and records your heart rate, breathing, and movement whether you’re awake or asleep. It provides valuable insights on intensity and recovery, calories burned, fatigue level, and sleep quality. Hexoskin connects to your favorite Bluetooth Smart compatible apps and devices (see below). All of your data is stored securely, allowing you to see how your physical fitness is evolving over time.

Hexoskin Smart is a great alternative to bulky heart rate monitors that can quickly get uncomfortable in many situations. Our shirt is made out of fabric imported from Italy, is extremely comfortable, durable, odor-resistant, and even safe to use in contact sports.


Hexoskin Smart connects natively to a wide range of GPS sports watches, allowing you to leave your phone at home.


Your Hexoskin Smart device starts collecting high quality data as soon as it’s plugged into your shirt. All of this data is securely synced to the cloud so that you can review it on your dashboard, download it, and even share it with others, such as your coaches, your healthcare professional, and even your loved ones.

To see your data in real time, you can simply pair your Hexoskin to a Bluetooth Smart compatible device, such as your smartphone, tablet, GPS sports watch, or bike computer. While the Hexoskin app will display your full cardiac, breathing, and movement data, 3rd-party apps like Strava and Runkeeper will mostly use Hexoskin Smart as a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), displaying and recording your heart rate. We recommend that you keep using the app that you’re most comfortable with.

Data Flow

Your data is collected by the sensors embedded in the shirt and sent to the small Hexoskin Smart device that sits discreetly in your side pocket. This device records all your raw data, whether or not you have your phone nearby. When you have a phone or tablet in range, the Hexoskin Smart device will stream your data in real-time to your phone’s display.

If your phone is connected to the internet by Wifi or a data plan, your data is also sent to our servers, where it is securely stored. This allows you to review your data whenever you want.


Hexoskin is the ultimate tool to:

  • Optimize your performance and recovery, whether you’re a high-end athlete, are fond of running, cyclist, or casually practice any kind of sports
  • Analyze your sleep efficiency thanks to your heart rate, breathing rate, and movement tracking during your sleep
  • Get to know more about how your body behaves during various life events, in stressful or exciting situations, for instance


See live cardiac, breathing and movement data on your phone or tablet and get activity reports

We’ve worked all year long to design new hardware that now includes a Bluetooth Smart chip. This new technology opens up Hexoskin to be used with your favorite 3rd party apps, devices, and platforms, allowing you to use world’s most comfortable and accurate wearable heart rate monitor without changing your habits.


See your vitals on your Apple Watch and other Bluetooth Smart compatible watches


Hexoskin compatible apps

Seamlessly integrate your Hexoskin data into your favorite fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Strava, Endomondo, MapMyRun, Runtastic, etc.

“We are pleased that Hexoskin smart clothing is now compatible with Strava,”remarked David Lorsch, VP Strategy & Business Development at Strava. “When paired with Strava, Hexoskin Smart will help our users better understand their athletic performance and recovery.”


Hexoskin compatible devices

Don’t want to bring your smartphone on your next run or ride? No problem! If your bike computer or sports watch is compatible with Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors, then you’re good to go with your Hexoskin Smart shirt and device, without any other device!

Compatible devices include the Tomtom Runner, the Suunto Ambit3, the Wahoo line of bike computers, and more!

Hey developers, you’re going to love working with Hexoskin. We’ve got you all set up with an API that allows you to query specific bits of data, and a SDK is coming up soon so that you can access Hexoskin data wirelessly and in real time with your own app. How cool is that?

We’re looking for developers to develop new applications for Hexoskin on various types of devices: smart watches, glasses and other head-mounted displays, mobile platforms.

Join our developer community by writing to this address: api@hexoskin.com

Hexoskin’s sensors gather an insane amount of information on your body (42,000 data points per minute). All that information is available on demand and allow you to get insights about your health.

  • Designed and assembled in Canada.
  • Shirts are made of high-quality Italian textiles.
  • Quick dry, breathes, feather weight, anti-odour, UV protection.
  • Open API so you can download all the data and use with other apps.
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity with most smartphones and tablets.
  • Heart rate, RR intervals, fatigue and stress indicator (Heart Rate Variability).
  • Breathing rate and breathing volume.
  • Activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps and cadence.
  • Analog 256Hz ECG data.
  • Analog dual-channel 128Hz breathing sensors.
  • Analog 3D 64Hz acceleration.
  • 30+ hours of battery life, 600+ hours of standalone recording.


Hexoskin connects to Android and iOS phones and tablets.


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