Jan 6, 2016 10:02 AM ET

Archived: IGY Life Sciences Inc.: controls platform technology to extract and purify IgY (Immunoglobulin) from egg yolk

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GY Life Sciences controls platform technology to extract and purify IgY (Immunoglobulin) from egg yolk, in kilogram quantities for $.0035 per mg. Comparable technology can either only produce milligram quantities at very high price ($50 plus per mg) or in large quantities at very low purity. The company produces Muno-IgY, a protein isolate from egg yolk also referred to as Immunoglobulin. It is sold as a nutraceutical to support the immune system, Muno-IgY is classified as a non-specific polyclonal antibody.

1.First to market with high purity IgY – Our extraction technology can purify IgY antibodies up to 90% pure by content. Our nearest competitor can only purify up to 2%.

2.Most cost Effective – For 90% pure IgY, the only available technology costs thousands of dollars per gram. We cost dollars per gram.

3.Fast-to-market pharmaceuticals – With 800 published research papers in the field, much of the heavy lifting has been completed.

4.Long shelf life – Excellent property for pandemic preparedness and bio-terrorism products that would sit on a shelf for years prior to use.

5.Builds the agriculture sector – Our technology will begin by using the surplus egg supply but will eventually move toward building a whole new supply chain using millions of egg laying birds.

Contact Information:

Terry N. Dyck

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