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Jan 6, 2016 9:49 EST

Horror Equity Fund, Inc.: “Investing In Horror Does Not Have To Be SCARY – Only The Project Does!”

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 6, 2016

Horror Equity Fund, Inc. provides an extraordinary opportunity for accredited, and non-accredited investors (in the near future), to participate in the exciting world of horror entertainment and its high profit potential


Horror Equity Fund, Inc. (HEF) is a company that offers accredited and non-accredited investors (in the near future) an opportunity to participate in the business of horror entertainment.For the first time, investors will gain access to an exclusive cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio that markets only“horror-centric” properties with the highest ROI potential.


HEF is not a production company. We offer investors, through direct investment in Horror Equity Fund, Inc. the opportunity, knowledge and ability to participate and potentially profit in this previously inaccessible world of horror entertainment.

From micro-budgeted films, to theatrical features; from that special, targeted collectible collection, to a collection of short stories long forgotten – HEF will provide the most compliant and transparent platform for investors to find, review, consider and support horror-centric projects.


Investing in Entertainment Can be Scary

Most investors look for a logical formula to mitigate risk, and at HEF, we understand that.

However, when it comes to investing in entertainment, the general public neither has access to the right people nor knows the most important questions to ask. Because of that, the financial risks are significant, and investors can be hesitant.

From the beginning it has been problematic to identify potentially high ROI projects and accelerate them to market with a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio.

Until now …


The Solution: Industry Savvy HEF Combines Creativity and Access to Resources

Our solution begins with a selection of highly evaluated projects in the highest potential ROI market segment of entertainment: Horror. We cherry-pick those properties with the greatest potential ROI. To further mitigate risk, we then consult closely with distributors and their creative development teams. Only then will a project be considered for financing. Investors in Horror Equity Fund, Inc. participate in a cross-collateralized, diversified portfolio that includes films, as well as video games, and other “horror-centric” entertainment properties.



Contact Information:

Marlon Schulman

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