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Jan 5, 2016 2:01 PM ET

Environmental Sports Products – Just call us the Queen of all soccer moms: Our proprietary cleaning product, ESPRO, fights and kills stains like nothing you’ve seen before

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 5, 2016

In sports, in order to play good, it’s important to look good.  Let Environmental Sports Products (ESP) help you get it right.

Our proprietary cleaning product, ESPRO, fights and kills stains like nothing you’ve seen before.  It’s combines industrial-strength power with a safe-to-use formula that can be used not only by sports moms, but all around the house.  Sales of almost $1,000,000 last year (2014) alone point directly to this.

Get back on the field – and get into the game with ESPRO!


Just ask any soccer mom:  the hustle and bustle of youth sports is basically a full-time job.  Throw multiple kids into the equation, and that minivan never stops moving – shuttling young athletes to and from games, practices, lessons, meetings, and other team functions.  On top of this, sports equipment – ranging from baseball bats to football cleats – must be kept up with and maintained while juggling your kids’ social and school lives.

With their plates already piled high, one frustrating hurdle moms could definitely do without is laundry.  In the sports world, this specifically comes back to jerseys and uniforms, which are required for games and sometimes practices.  With getting dirty during these outdoor sports contests a virtual guarantee, difficult stains – including grass, dirt, and blood – often present themselves.  Getting rid of these stains and getting uniforms ready is incredibly time consuming and has plagued sports families and teams practically forever.

On-the-go families, teams, and equipment managers need a product that will adequately handle this problem while saving time in the laundry room.  Taking this a step further, one that doubles as an all-encompassing house cleaner would be even better.  If only such a product existed…


Just call us the Queen of all soccer moms.  At ESP, we picked up on a marketplace need that hadn’t yet been addressed – and took advantage by manufacturing proprietary cleaning products that get real results.  Our focus is on the sports industry, but our flagship product, ESPRO, has multi-purpose cleaning application.

ESPRO is a stain remover containing a proprietary formula unlike anything else on the market.  It gets out the toughest stains with industrial-quality effectiveness while being gentle enough for people to feel safe using it.  The “badges of honor” your kids receive on the field of play are removed, each and every time.

ESPRO truly is multi-purpose – effectively tackling not only the sports world but also pet stains, carpet stains, furniture, and even tile floors.  It has multiple applications across practically all household cleaning needs, and has already made a huge splash in laundry rooms across America.  It’s the only cleaner you’ll ever need.


ESPRO Sports Cleaner Stain Remover comes in multiple sizes: 4 oz. travel size, 32 oz.Spray, 64 oz. Refill, and 128 oz. (gallon) team size.  It’s a pre-spot remover, meaning users simply need to spray it on the affected stain prior to washing.

ESPRO also contains Odor-Guard, a highly effective odor-control agent that was created and perfected in-house by the expert ESP team.  Coupled with our stain fighting formula, the combination makes ESPRO the top option on the market.  Check out some more of ESPRO’s features and benefits:

ESPRO simply works better; testing results and satisfied customers prove it.  It not only removes stains, but adds life to your clothing – and is completely color-safe on all fabrics.

Minimal scrubbing and no double washing; ESPRO cuts your laundry time in half.  It also saves you money, since you don’t have to use as much product.

It’s one product, and it treats most all major stains – including:  food, pet, carpet, furniture, car upholstery, blood, tile, and even red clay (which many others can’t do).

Completely non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.  ESPRO is biodegradable, containing no harsh chemicals.

Our formula is a perfect blend of 12 ingredients, with no bleach, phosphates, butyl, chlorinated petroleum or other ozone-depleting solvents.

Goodwin Company, our manufacturer, has a 500,000 square foot manufacturing/warehousing facility and the capacity to produce 50,000,000 bottles per year.


Since launching in May 2008, we’ve been hard at work perfecting and selling theESPRO formula.  We’ve exhibited proven success over this time, and as we prepare for this exciting period of growth, we’re reminded of some of our more significant accomplishments:

ESPRO has been on the shelves of many top retailers, including:  Dunham Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Hibbett Sports, Sam’s Club, and Walmart.  We’re currently in 1,945 Walmart stores.


Online channels have been very successful for us, namely with Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Team Express.com and others.


Consistent growth since our launch led to just under $1,000,000 in sales in 2014.

ESPRO is also used by over 100 college and pro teams, including the Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox and the University of Alabama.


Coaches, store owners, and equipment managers around the US have given documented positive feedback.  Plus, a couple of large companies have expressed interest in a potential acquisition.

A good portion of the $932,000 already been invested into ESP came from the executive team’s personal funds.

For information on what the future holds for ESP and ESPRO, please request access to the Business Plan portion of our profile!


An ex-college athlete and high school football coach, our Founder became quite accustomed with the dirty stains and foul odors associated with sports.  After further examination of the market, he put his chemists to work and grew ESPROfrom an opportunity into a legitimate business venture.  Now, a four-man team of fearless stain-fighters leads ESP with the vision of making it a staple in laundry rooms and homes everywhere.  Here’s more on our executives:

Our boss’s beginnings are traced back to the University of Alabama, where he played college football and got his business education.  His business expertise was honed in various Sales Manager roles over the past 35 years, in addition to founding and selling a successful collegiate products business.  Steve oversees all sales and marketing functions, personally calling on top accounts while running day-to-day operations for the company.

Our Co-Founder, Hu, introduced Steve to the chemical (cleaning products) industry and was a key player in ESPRO’s formula development.  He’s a licensed CPA with proven entrepreneurial expertise – having grown two different startups into successful business.  This expertise is a huge asset for ESP, where Hu oversees all financial operations.

A fellow grad of the University of Alabama, Garrett is our President’s right-hand man.  He got his start in the steel and plumbing industries, where he was a very successful sales representative.  For ESP, Garrett handles all shipping and logistical operations while also serving as the primary contact for Walmart.

Our numbers guy has served as Accounting/Office Manager for several firms during his 2½ decade career.  He’s the man when it comes to all accounting responsibilities – namely accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bookkeeping.  He is a graduate of The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

We’re fortunate to be supported by a talented Board of Directors who oversee operations and make tough decisions from the top.  The Board’s versatile, wide-ranging expertise derives from these five individuals:

  • David Pursell – CEO of Pursell Farms and an original, multi-talented Board member;
  • Hallett Johnson – Global Director of Business Development at Usablenet and marketing strategy expert;
  • J. Steven Schrimsher – President of Schrimsher Properties and financial management leader;
  • Shannon Riley – CEO of One Stop Environmental and strategic direction/leadership expert;
  • Dr. Joseph Troncale – Medical Director of Retreat of Lancaster, PA.
Contact Information:

Steve Dean
Hu Langston
Garrett Dean

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