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Jan 5, 2016 4:56 PM ET

Archived: Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance Fundraiser: WarmUp: Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance Fundraiser: WarmUp

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 5, 2016

Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance is a collaborative group of movement artists that aims to generate compelling thematic environments within a process of physical and theoretical inquiry. We investigate theatrical moments from a given theme, and their respective emotive counterparts, to produce work that is approachable, satirical by nature, and physically innovative. In the end, we question perspective and the understandings of how see the day to day. We are thrilled to launch our winter Kickstarter, WarmUp, helping jumpstart DB|WD toward a prosperous 2016!

This past year, we’ve signed as a Gallery Artist for Pentacle (www.pentacle.org), had residencies at Bates College and Now and Next Dance Mentoring Project (Washington, D.C.), had two world premieres, and taught master classes throughout the New England area.

Moving forward to 2016 comes a lot of amazing experiences for DB|WD however, without your help they wont come to fruition. With your contribution you will provide support for the projects below.

DanceUp: Community Outreach Program

Launching February 2016, DanceUp will connect incoming post-undergrads (and everyone) to the NYC dance community. It will begin as a mentoring program, providing free/reduced rate rehearsal space for inspiring choreographers; and providing reduced rate dance classes to locate teachers of interest. In time, DanceUp will expand by adding an in depth online questionnaire and database, aligning future mentees with choreographers/mentors within the community (estimated launch: May 2016).

Your donation will provide the financial foundation to provide incoming mentees with reduced rate classes and rehearsal space.

2016 Performance & Touring Opportunities

We are humbled by the amazing touring and performing opportunities upcoming for DB|WD:

Pentacle Presents: Boston

Triskelion Arts presents BULLY (Brooklyn, NY)

Bates Dance Festival Young Dancer’s Workshop (Lewiston, ME)

Now & Next Dance Mentoring Project (Washington, D.C.)

CRAWL presents Our Lips (New York, NY)

With touring however, comes a lot of expenses. With your help, we will be able to provide travel expenses, room and board, and performer compensation for every project.

Our Lips Project

Inspired by Malcolm Ingram’s 2006 documentary, “Small Town Gay Bar,” Dante Brown will be traveling to rural communities throughout the U.S. May 2016-August 2016, locating LGBTQ communities in local bar, clubs, organizations, etc. Recording only the lips of the community members, we hope to depict that within bodily difference, there is experiential unity. We aim to generate a work that uplifts these unheard voices, physicalizing trauma and triumph by tapping into the experiences of those who undergo the daily practice of resistance, perseverance, and compassion. “Our Lips” will premiere as part CRAWL series, October 2016.

Your donation will provide support for travel expenses, room & board, and video equipment rental for the research portion of this project.

Risks and challenges

Every new initiative in the arts is risky due to our current financial climate. With having a dance company you quickly recognize that the expenses always outweigh the profits. However, you begin to witness the impact that your work may has on a community, making that imbalance more than alright.

WarmUP covers a portion of the overall expenses for DB|WD, but with outside funding through potential grants, we hope to cover all expenses for 2016.

Contact Information:

Danté Brown|Warehouse Dance

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