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Jan 4, 2016 7:21 PM ET

Archived: FKT YEAR ONE: Original stories and series from the first ten issues of FKT, 82-year old artist Andre Krayewski’s monthly comics magazine.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 4, 2016

Hi, welcome to our second Kickstarter! We are raising money to collect the bulk of the original material from the first ten issues of me and my dad’s monthly comics magazine FKT into one 200-page anthology, FKT YEAR ONE.

FKT #1-9, FKT #9 out 1/1, #10 out 2/5
FKT #1-9, FKT #9 out 1/1, #10 out 2/5

After finishing the 11-issue SKYLINER, which my dad and I successfully published as a graphic novel thanks to the supporters we were able to find and  connect with here on Kickstarter, my dad, 82-year-old graphic artist Andre Krayewski, wanted to continue working on comics. 

"A True Life Story #1" (FKT #2)
“A True Life Story #1” (FKT #2)

So we created the monthly 40-page comics magazine FKT, a vehicle for him to explore different styles of cartooning and storytelling.

"Tullock and Tonawanda" (FKT #7)
“Tullock and Tonawanda” (FKT #7)

 On May 1, we released FKT #1, debuting it at the First Friday in Philly. The magazine included an 18-page excerpt from SKYLINER #8, “A Word About May Day,” the last page of SKYLINER #4, “Period Jokes,” and the 19-page story “The Great Pulaski Day Pig Heist,” the first comic my dad did after SKYLINER.

"Pulaski Day" (FKT #1)
“Pulaski Day” (FKT #1)

We released FKT #2 in June, running “A True Life Story #1: The Making of Skyliner.” The “True Life” stories fictionalize the work that goes into making and promoting SKYLINER and FKT. They’ll be in their own anthology, and not this one, which will have everything else in it and will be, along with this Kickstarter, a part of the “True Life” FKT universe.

Middle of the book spread (FKT #4)
Middle of the book spread (FKT #4)

We’ve released a 40-page FKT on the first Friday of every month since May, taking it to conventions and festivals in Philadelphia, New York City, Toronto, Baltimore, and Newark. On January 1st, we release FKT #9, and on February 5th, we release FKT #10, the last FKT to include an excerpt from SKYLINER.

"Donald & His Grandpa" (FKT #3)
“Donald & His Grandpa” (FKT #3)

Now we’d like to collect the bulk of the original stories and series from the first ten issues of FKT into one 200-page anthology, FKT YEAR ONE. We need to raise $1,000 to print 50-100 trade paperbacks using Greko (in Michigan), through which we print the monthly FKT magazine. Our stretch goal is $6,500, which would be enough to fund a print run of 250 via Print Ninja (China), which we used to print SKYLINER.

"King of the Ivy Hill #2" (FKT #9)
“King of the Ivy Hill #2” (FKT #9)

The SKYLINER Kickstarter campaign brought out a humbling amount of support from fans of my dad’s work, and we’ve found a lot of interest in FKT. We hope we can be as lucky with our campaign this time, bringing FKT into book form and in front of many new readers.

Thanks for all your support!

"A True Life Story #1" (FKT #2)
“A True Life Story #1” (FKT #2)

You can check out more about FKT at fkt.co, where we release new cover art, put up tables of contents, and sell issues. The list of what’s in FKT YEAR ONE is below:

Britney’s Buns #1-2 (FKT #3, FKT #6)

King of the Ivy Hill #1-2 (FKT #8-9) 

 Detective Comics #1 (FKT #8)

 Donald & His Granpa (FKT #3)

My Adventures in Morocco (FKT #5-6)

AND: My Jazz (FKT #5), the FKT PSAs (FKT #7, 9), Short Stories #1 (FKT #10), Pulaski Day (FKT #1), Tullock and Tonawanda (FKT #7), Happy Reader #1-7 (FKT #1-3) and the middle of the book spreads from each of the first ten issues.

Contact Information:

Ed Krayewski

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