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Jan 4, 2016 2:02 PM ET

Archived: Dragonfly – Solo Ukulele Album by Matt Dahlberg: An album of solo ukulele instrumentals and stories around them.

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 4, 2016

About Me

Hi, my name is Matt Dahlberg and I play the ukulele. 

I started playing the ukulele when I was about 13 years old. My grandfather had an old ukulele, and after he taught me my first few chords I was hooked.

Since graduating Edmonds Community College, I’ve been teaching lessons via Skype full time. I’ve been on tour internationally, interviewed by the New York Times, and was even on Fox Sports Live! 

Cairns Ukulele Festival
Cairns Ukulele Festival

During this time, I’ve written songs and arranged some of my favorites. And now I’d love to share the stories behind them with you!

About the Project

For years now I’ve wanted to make an album and I had some strict goals to meet before I did so. One of those goals was to find the perfect person to produce. I’m proud to announce that I’ll be working with my former professor, Nick Sibicky, who will be the recording engineer and producer of this album. Nick knows me and my music, having helped me compose some of the songs on Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is a collection of solo ukulele tracks and each one has a story behind it. While the digital copies of Dragonfly will only contain the tracks, the limited print physical album will include brief spoken back stories for some of the songs. These deluxe albums will simulate my concert performances, where I like to introduce the songs to the audience and tell the story behind each one. This makes an intimate listening experience for you.

I’ve got 14 tracks of solo ukulele ready to record, including originals like “Christy’s Walk” and my arrangement of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On a Prayer.” Now I need your help!

Creating an album is a lot of work, and expensive! Between studio costs, sound engineering, album production, shipping, and royalties, we’ll need $7,500 just to break even. Any extra money raised will allow more flexibility with the album, like more tracks and even a tab book.

If you haven’t backed a Kickstarter before, you may not know that it’s an all or nothing deal. If we fail to meet the $7,500, nobody will be charged for their rewards and the album will never be made.

Please share this project on Facebook, Twitter, and with your friends and family to make this dream a reality.

I cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Making an album has been something I’ve wanted to do for nearly a decade, and I’m so excited to have everything come together with this Kickstarter.

About the Rewards

I’ve put a lot of thought into what sort of rewards I could do that would be unique!

$10 • Pre-Release Digital Album — Receive a digital download of Dragonfly before its release. Expected March 2016.

$25 • Deluxe Physical CD — Learn the stories behind the songs, and become a part of the story with the Deluxe Signed Edition of Dragonfly. Your name will be incorporated into the artwork on the interior of the CD. In addition, you’ll receive a digital download of Dragonflybefore it’s released.

$50 • 3 for 2 Deluxe Physical CD — Get three Signed Deluxe CDs for the price of two! One for you, and two to share with friends and family. In addition, you’ll receive a digital download of Dragonfly before it’s released.

$100 • Skype Lesson — I’ve been teaching online for over five years now and have given over 3,500 private lessons since. Learn some new techniques, a new song, or anything you’d like to work on. Each lesson is 40 minutes long and will be scheduled upon the project’s funding. Select as many of these $100 Rewards as you’d like to, there is no limit!

$120 • Mom’s Smoked Salmon Plus Three Signed Deluxe CDs! — My Mom can *really* smoke a salmon. Using the smoker on her deck, she’ll make a perfect 1.5–2 lb. salmon filet, vacuum seal it, and ship it to you! Just ask Chuck Moore (outstanding ukulele luthier) how good it is. 😉 Also includes three signed copies of the Deluxe CDs! 25 rewards available.

$500 • Ukulele Song Written for You — That’s right! I’ll write you a song for your generous pledge. We will talk about what you’d like it to be inspired by and what you’d like to name it and I’ll write it and record it for you in a YouTube video and send you an MP3. If you sign up for a Skype Lesson too, I’ll tab it out and teach it to you as well. This reward comes with 3 Deluxe Signed CDs. Five rewards available.

$1000 • Name a Song on the Album* — One of the songs on Dragonfly was written years ago, but I never properly named it. It’s been called, “A Celtic Inspired Original”, but I’d love for YOU to name it for me. You’ll be featured in the Thank You section of Dragonfly for your contribution. This reward comes with 10 Deluxe Signed CDs. One reward available.

$2000 • Private House Concert — I’ll fly out anywhere in the continental US to perform the tracks from the album at your place! Feel free to invite friends and family, too. This reward comes with 10 Deluxe Signed CDs.

*Song titles must approved by me

Contact Information:

Matt Dahlberg

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