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Jan 3, 2016 11:49 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jan 3, 2016


SOTRAN- Nepal(Socio – development Transformation-Nepal)is a non profit, politically non-aligned NGO which was established in 2011 AD. It focuses on helping the poor and backward communities, especially senior citizens healthy ageing.

We believe that older adults deserve a life of dignity and access to appropriate care suited to their needs for healthy ageing. Although care and well-being of its seniors should be a core priority of a civilized nation-state, Nepal remains an unfortunate exception. Nepal as a nation-state has an extremely weak health and social welfare system in general, and the well-being of the elderly in particular remains largely neglected. Senior citizens have however contributed greatly to the social and economic development and cultural fabric of their societies and the nation as a whole, and it becomes the current generation’s ethical responsibility to respond to their needs. 

In Nepal, government-funded social safety nets for the elderly are virtually non-existent, and most traditional community-funded old age homes are in immense disrepair and suffer from lack of basic geriatric health and sanitation services.  Due to a lack of employment opportunities in Nepal, a majority of the younger population is forced to migrate to countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, United States or Australia in search of jobs.  As a result, the traditional support and care received by older adults from their younger family members has quickly declined, and in many cases, older adults are dangerously living by themselves despite major illnesses and disabilities. In addition, there are increasing cases of older adults suffering from curable illnesses and manageable conditions due to lack of access to basic health maintenance and preventive care needed for healthy aging.

Total Costing for the establishment of the hospital:-





Amount(NRs) NC



(Hospital Block) Estimated Costing for the construction of the hospital building




(Administration Block) Estimated Costing for the construction of the hospital building




Estimated Costing for the hospital instrument, furniture, vehicle and other 




Note: You may support us full cost for the establishment of the hospital or partial / unit-wise cost as per your wish. 

Senior Citizens Hospital proposes to provide both in-hospital and home-based health services focused on the unique needs of the elderly  living in communities, temporary settlements, and traditional old-age homes (‘aasharams’) in Nepal.  The Tulsilal geriatric hospital thus represents a small but important step towards the fulfillment of this  social obligation. Tulsilal Senior Citizens Hospital aims to serve as part of an extended home for such families by developing a culturally appropriate suite of services and supports under ‘Community Geriatrics’, which includes regular home visits.

In addition to the lack of support from the Nepalese government as discussed previously, there is also a major gap in available funding in the non-governmental sector for the development of health and social services for the elderly in Nepal. Most donor-funded local organizations as well as international organizations seem to focus their efforts on child welfare and other areas of health, social and educational development in Nepal. While these efforts are commendable in their own right, the need for developing health and social services for the unique needs of senior citizens remains largely ignored and severely underfunded.  There are thus ample unfulfilled opportunities to improve the quality of life of older adults in Nepal.  Interested donors are urged to recognize this unmet need for funding, and support local efforts aimed at uplifting the life and dignity of the elderly Nepalese population. We thus propose an establishment of the Tulsilal Senior Citizens Hospital  1st of this kind of hospital to provide much needed geriatric health services and end-of-life care in Nepal. 

We are grateful to Tulsilal Memorial FoundationNepal for entrusting us (SOTRAN, a non-profiting-NGO) to establish and operationalize the proposed hospital by providing sufficient  land at Chysal-Monahara Bridge Junction, Lalitpur, Kathmandu Nepal. 

We look forward to receiving similar support from like-minded donors to help develop the hospital infrastructure and ambulance services, bio-medical equipment, and any other help.Every small generosity counts.

If you want to help us in our elderly project but are unable to donate financially, Sharing this page would also be a great help.

If you or your organization would like to visit our construction site and office, you are heartily welcome.


Contact Information:

Nakul Gautam

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