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Dec 30, 2015 12:47 PM ET

Archived: Rebound The Pounds: To enhance our fitness range with the latest craze – mini trampolines

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 30, 2015

Rebound The Pounds

Rebound The Pounds


To enhance our fitness range with the latest craze – mini trampolines…  

Using mini trampolines or rebounders, we can deliver a safe, effective and fun low impact exercise.

Using specific controlled movement patterns and rebound techniques that provide a myriad of health and fitness benefits.

When using a well sprung low impact rebounder the exercise is very kind on your joints, provides an effective cardio vascular workout and burns a tremendous amount of calories. It is a weight bearing activity which also helps keep bones and joints strong whilst providing an amazing pump effect on your lymphatic system helping rid your body of harmful toxins.

It is a full body cellular and de-tocisfying exercise and, for some, it is a life-saver. Our body’s natural inclination is to heal itself, internally. Because rebounding strengthens all cells of the body It helps to unlock the body’s power to heal itself.

We already run a range of fitness but rebounding allows us to bring additional benefits.

The start-up costs for additional training and rebounders is £1,700, we have already started our fund raising and have £200.

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