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Dec 30, 2015 5:55 PM ET

Archived: Help Mackenzie make her Olympic Ice Skating Dreams Come True

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 30, 2015

Help Mackenzie make her Olympic Ice Skating Dreams Come True

Help Mackenzie make her Olympic Ice Skating Dreams Come True (Mackenzie Kazandjian)


The Story

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Kazandjian, I’m 14 years old, I started skating when I was 4 and a half years old, my dream is to secure a spot on Team USA and go to the Olympics.

A year and a half ago my father abandoned me and my family. Now my mom and grandparents are struggling to help me pursue my dreams of being an Olympian.

When I was in preschool they gave me a blue slip of paper, I got home and asked my mom what it said, she told me it was a learn to skate advertisement, I wanted to go ice skating so bad that my mom finally gave in and took me. The first time on the ice, I didn’t use an ice walker or hold onto the boards, I just went and did my own thing. Right then and there, I fell in love with ice skating and I knew I would be skating for the rest of my life.

I then started looking on YouTube for skating videos, and I started teaching myself.

I started lessons when I was 5, I fell more and more in love with it. And then competitions came into the picture from then on things kept on improving. I take time to help others learn to skate, I love being home-schooled so I have more opportunity to practice. Since my only dream is to go to the Olympics I don’t do anything else but skate and homework.

In 2014, I placed 3rd in the 2014 Northwest Pacific Regional Championships and moved on to the 2014 Pacific Coast Sectionals where I placed 7th. Then in January I broke my ankle through the growth plate. As soon as the cast was off I was back on the ice. I couldn’t let a broken ankle stop my dreams. I am mastering all of my jumps and training harder than ever.

I’m reaching out to the public for a sponsor but until then I’m asking for you to help me stay skating and continue on my journey.

Contact Information:

Tanya Wood

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