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Dec 29, 2015 5:37 PM ET

Archived: Rescue Animal Therapy Kit Needs Your Help!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 29, 2015

Rescue Animal Therapy Kit Needs Your Help!

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Rescue animals need your help! Help me help them.

I am a Certified Aromatherapist that works with people and animals.

Over the years, I have seen how strong and amazing essential oils are in helping us overcome physical and emotional issues and increasing our health and wellness.

Thinking about the physical and emotional healing that I have seen inspired me to develop a special set of Oil Blends that can quickly and easily be used on animals in a rescue setting. The idea is to get the animal on the road to recovery quickly and to help it find it’s forever home more rapidly. An animal that is in better physical and emotional health will probably get adopted over an ill one. Here is the kit and what the Blends look like.


Here is how you can help. I have recently realized that product packaging and printing will be substantially lower if purchased at very high volumes. This will enable me to keep the cost of the kit very low making it affordable for many struggling rescue centers.

Please help me generate some capital so that I can get this kit completed.

I will be giving back your graciousness by contributing a % of every kit sold to a local Maryland rescue organization- Toy Breeds In Need.


In addition, I will be training volunteers to take the kit to rescues to help the animals heal and recover faster.

Please contribute to this cause and help me get Aromatherapy help to the animals that so desperately need it through my new Animal Aromatherapy Alignment Kit.

Thanks in advance to all the Animal Angels out there.



Contact Information:

Susan Frey

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