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Dec 29, 2015 5:59 PM ET

Archived: Planet Kids’ Flying Saucer – made by people with disabilities

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 29, 2015

The Planet Kids’
Flying Saucer

A locally produced ‘soft’ toy for all ages
proudly made by people with disabilities


The Flying Saucer was conceptualized and designed at Planet Kids, the first Inclusive Play and Activity Centre in South Africa. It has evolved into a soft, safe, aerodynamic, attractive & fun toy suitable for play by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

About Planet Kids

Planet Kids opened in February 2008 due to the need discovered by the owners for an inclusive Indoor Play and Activity Centre. Their own son is autistic and epileptic. Before Planet Kids “we simply couldn’t find a play centre to go where we felt welcomed and accomodated, considering our son’s condition and special needs” according to Andy, one of the owners.

Ever since Planet Kids opened its doors it has been involved in many activities involving people with disabilities and their needs. This included a successful fundraiser for a powered wheelchair for a child as well as being able to offer sponsorship for individuals with a disability for entrance / playtime (thanks to the fundraising initiative of 9 year old Tumi Ntoane-Kasper and her classmates from ABBS Elzenhagen Elementary School in Amsterdam.)

Planet Kids has been offering its services for play visits by individuals with -or without a disabillity, hosting a large number of Birthday Parties for all children (incl kids with disabilities),as well as Christmas Parties, Halloween community events.

A glimpse at what parents have said about our parties…

Dear Andy What an awesome party! In Gershon’s words: “it was more than I thought it would
be & every one I wanted to be there came… it was
amazing!” All our young guests said they
had ‘an awesome time’ & we received such positive feedback from the parents who attended & enquiries from those who did not… I’m pretty sure they’ll be making bookings in the near future. Thank you once again for being the angels God sent to ‘fix’ Gershon’s party…
he already asked if we could go back for a playdate…

Kind regards Sean & Marjory (October 2015)

About our Flying Saucer

2 to 3 years ago we started with the design of a Flying Saucer which turned out to be considerably safer and better in many ways compared to other toys of similar nature.

Firstly we paid close attention to the safety issue and therefore used soft and safe materials considering that we almost always have a variety of different age groups of children around with varying needs. With this feature included we didn’t have to separate the age groups while playing and therefore achieved one of our chief aims “inclusive play”.

The next import aspect for us was the size of the toy: we were aiming at something that’s small enough to take along anywhere but also big enough to suit the purpose. This makes it most suitable for both: Indoor and outdoor play, in small as well as large areas.

On closer assessment we decided on materials which enhance the flying availability of the Flying Saucer: including proven aerodynamic materials for an optimum flying experience. In the process we also adjusted weight and the overall sizes of the various components used and bringing it all together into one harmonious Flying Saucer.

We also considered the overall look including attractive colours to be used. In addition we were able to source a material to be printed on with an extraordinary quality for even picture prints for those of our customers who’d like to have their logo or brand message carried on our Flying Saucers.

About protective Workshops

As we decided to get into production with our Flying Saucer it was clear from the onset that people with disabilities are an integral part of this process. Planet Kids has always focused on including kids of all abilities.

We believe that a great product has to come from great people!

Ever since we walked into a local protective workshop, we knew that it was the place for the production of this great toy as they are equipped with the necessary tools, skills and training processes. Additionally we experienced a great spirit and atmosphere. It just felt like the right thing to do.

We’ve also been very aware of the employment challenges for people with disabilities here in SA. Unemployment hits the most vulnerable people the hardest: people with disabilities are among the highest unemployed people in this country, according to the latest stats by Statistics SA.

We like to play our part in positive change.

Our milestones

Milestone 1: R15,000.00
The Tipping Point – Reaching this Milestone means the Planet Kid’s Flying Saucer is ready to take off. Additionally this will allow us to sponsor 50 Flying Saucers (to the value of R3,000) to the protective workshop for their benefit, which could include for example therapeutic play at their protective workshops. Alternatively these may carry their own branding and could be used to generate additional exposure for their organisation.

Milestone 2: R45,000.00:
Reaching this will allow us to sponsor 150 Flying Saucers (to the value of R9,000) to the protective workshop.

Milestone 3: R150,000.00
Reaching this Milestone means the Planet Kid’s Flying Saucer has successfully taken off. Additionally this will allow us to sponsor 500 Flying Saucers (to the value of R30,000) to the protective workshop for their benefit. This could help on a larger scale with their fundraising efforts since these can carry their own or their sponsors’ branding.

What you will get for your contribution…
You will find a variety of offers listed under “Browse & Buy Rewards” which we have carefully chosen to provide fair value.

●  Rewards in Levels 1 to 3 are ideally suited for families with children, as they include play-time at Planet Kids along with the Flying Saucers. The play-time offerings are uniquely available during this campaign.
●  Rewards in Levels 4 to 6 are geared around Planet Kid’s very popular party offerings. For families who are planning a Birthday Party during 2016 and also for those who like to generously sponsor events for the less fortunate.
●  Rewards in Level 7 to 9 are suitable for businesses of any size who like to be affiliated with the promotion of this great toy made by people with disabilities.

Please note : all rewards are subject to the campaign reaching ‘tipping point’.





Contact Information:

Planet Kids

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