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Dec 29, 2015 12:27 PM ET

Building – Nokor Tep Hospital Cambodia

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 29, 2015

Building – Nokor Tep Hospital Cambodia

A New Hospital – Nokor Tep

Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital will be the first Gynecological Womens Hospital in Cambodia.


But there’s a problem

Cambodia has suffered a tragic recent history with the involvement of Vietnam War followed by the Khmer Rouge Genocide and subsequent isolation by international community. Cambodian society and infrastructure was destroyed, the health system completely collapsed.

40% of women working in factories suffer from prolapsed uterus, however many of these symptoms left untreated result in early onset of preventable or curable cancers such as cervical or breast cancers. In Cambodia women are to be seen and not heard – cultural norms prevent woman from talking about their bodies – shamed by what they feel – perception of I am bad!

The Government of Cambodia fully supports this initiative but cant fund it so we have to raise all the money from private donors..

Here’s what we’re doing about it

With Registration completed by the Cambodian Government,Tabitha/Nokor Tep Foundation took upon itself the huge task to raise USD 10 million to build this modern facility. We are today looking to sponsor a hospital Wall Section for USD 50,000. Our vision is to ensure better health and good quality of life for Cambodian women particularly the poor and vulnerable.

And how it’s going to change the world?

We are building a hospital that will do intensive medical interventions for woman that need it at a cost they can afford. We want to equip the hospital with continuous power capability, best medical equipment and with beds and nursing facilities that are state of the art. We have huge support from the medical community but we need to finalise the construction first.

You can join us

Overall costs for construction have been estimated at USD 8.3m. This construction phase is well under way and we seek to finalise the core build end of 2016. Its a huge logistical undertaking where basic infrastructure is terrible, roads and communication challenging and in a country where much is still done by hand. Hence our appeal to make this project happen to raise USD 50,000 which goes towards a Silver Plague donation to the hospital. The Plague will be dedicated to a Group that cared and helped.

Where does the money go?

All the funds that are raised go directly towards building and construction of the hospital. What does money buy well here are some examples. 20 bags of sand US$100, Five cubic meters of concrete US$500, and Engineer for one month on site US$1,260.

Janne Ritskes and her hugely dedicated team live and work in Cambodia and spend everyday helping those who are most in need. Janne is the principal behind the Tabitha initiative that has helped countless families get a solid roof over their heads and basic facilities into small villages in rural Cambodia. She is also the key pioneer in the project to build the Hospital. She will ensure that every dollar given is spent wisely towards the goal to finish this new facility.

Contact Information:

Tabitha USA - Cambodia

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