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Dec 28, 2015 4:12 PM ET

Archived: KRAFTKA – Sneakers By The People, For The People. What would your very own sneaker brand look like?

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 28, 2015

KRAFTKA – Sneakers By The People, For The People.



A revolutionary sneaker design platform that empowers members to profit from their creativity.

What would your very own sneaker brand look like?

The KRAFTKA platform lets you find out by designing, producing and wearing highly detailed, deeply original sneakers.

Discover sneakers you love, and bring your creative concepts to life with KRAFTKA, the world’s first “crowd-kreated” sneaker brand. We are a new kind of community where you can create your own sneaker designs or choose from the works of artists from around the world.

With KRAFTKA you can even turn your creativity into cash by selling your designs to others in the community.

We are at the forefront of a fashion revolution and it all begins with your feet.


We built KRAFTKA to empower you to set your own trends and push the boundaries of a traditional sneaker brand. It’s a global platform that connects people through sneakers, sharing ideas and inspiration.


Here’s a glimpse of some of the sneakers that are already in the Kraftka store, each designed by different people from around the world!


To be a part of it, all you have to do is create a profile page.

Here’s mine:

When your profile page is set up you’ll be able to share your designs in Shoe Racks, and place the sneakers that you love in Wish Racks.

On our shop page, you can view the community-kreated sneakers. They are displayed alongside their creator’s usernames so you can easily recognise and follow your favourite artists.

If you wish to design your own, you’ll start out with blank canvas sneakers. For now we are launching “The Sputnik”, and there are plenty more models in the works. Each season, you will be able to determine which items are added to the ever-expanding KRAFTKA Collection.

There are no limits to what you can put on your shoes: photos, illustrations, poems- ANYTHING! Your design and revision options are limitless, and you can post or remove your shoes whenever you like.

Use your drawings or illustrations…this example is by Archan Nair.

Or use your photos…

Or just text!

Your sneakers are published right away. You own your designs, and earn USD 10 per pair sold!

In the beginning, you can publish two pairs of sneakers to your Shoe Rack (buy our UPGRADE perk to publish FOUR). By selling sneakers and interacting with other users, you unlock new features and capabilities. Eventually, earning the privilege to publish as many shoes as you like and to set your own price.

The more active you are, the more your profile will grow organically with your community. Level up to enjoy your very own store! YourName.kraftka.com.

To be truly for the people, by the people, trust is very important. This is why we’ve created a robust, real time money management system to keep track of your sales. Here, you can see features such as the location of your buyers and your total sales.


• Online Sneaker Kreation Tool
• Real-time Sales Tracking through KOLLECT tool
• Individual Profiles and Individual Shoe Racks
• Live notifications
• Seasonal Retail Collections Determined by Top Sellers

• Durable, super detailed prints that are machine washable
• Premium canvas material and rubber sole
• PU Toe Cap and Heel
• Soft sponge ankle lining
• Red “Kraftka” Inner lining
• Sizes Produced:


Choose from these awesome perks to join us today.

Pre-order your sneakers now, select your designs later. Take advantage of these special deals where you can get sneakers up to 20% off RRP!

There are more perks for you to discover. Please have a look at the perks list.


Our online platform is nearing completion and our final sneaker prototype is waiting production. We’ve been funding our KRAFTKA dream with our personal savings, and with the help of family and friends. Now, we need your support and the support of the global community.

Our budget of $15,000 will be used to fund the minimum order amount to manufacture our first collection of Sputnik sneakers.

Please support us by pre-ordering your sneakers. We invite you to be a part of this global movement that will change the face of fashion forever!



other ways you can join the revolution.png

Join the public beta and start creating sneakers now!

• Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

• Tell all of your friends who’d like to get their own pair of one-of-a-kind sneakers.

risks and challenges.png

We are currently in the alpha phase of the Kraftka platform, with the Beta phase planned for launch in March 2016. The platform is being refined every day with our experienced development team. Our biggest risk factor would be delays from the manufacturing side of the equation. This is however, minimised, as we have gone through over 7 months of retooling and sampling with our factory.

************************************************************************** Here’s how people have already been kreating with the KRAFTKA platform


Q. What is Kraftka?

Kraftka is a sneaker brand that is not from one person’s vision, but from the collective vision of the world.

Kraftka is a revolutionary sneaker platform and fashion social media.

A sneakers brand made by everyone.

Aren’t you getting tired of wearing the same sneakers everyone else wears? Do you have ideas of your own that you would like to see on a pair for yourself or your friends?

Discover sneakers you love, and bring your creative concepts to life with KRAFTKA, the world’s first crowd-sourced fashion brand. We are a new kind of community where you can create your own sneaker designs or choose from the works of artists from around the world.

With KRAFTKA you can even turn your creativity into cash by selling your designs to others in the community.

We are at the forefront of a fashion revolution and it all begins with your feet.

Be a designer. Be a trendsetter. The future of fashion is in your hands.

Q. Where are Kraftka sneakers made?

A. Our first release is “The Sputnik”. This sneaker base is made in China, customized in Thailand, and designed by creative people all around the world.

Q. What sizes of Kraftka sneakers are there?

A. Sizes EUR 36-46.

Q. Who can create their own Kraftka sneakers?

A. Everyone can! Even you! Simple go to our KREATE page.

Q. What are the features of the KRAFTKA platform?

A. On Kraftka, you can Kreate your own sneakers, discover sneakers by artists all around the world, follow other people’s profiles and track your sales in real time.

Q Do you ship KRAFTKA sneakers to my country?

Yes, we can reach you almost anywhere on the planet. If you can receive mail, then you can receive KRAFTKA sneakers!

Q. How do I create Kraftka sneakers?

A. Use any photo, drawing, illustration or text! Your creativity is the limit! For best results, your images should be 1700 x 1200 pixels, with an image size limit of 4-megabytes. Any white-coloured areas will use the shoe canvas’s natural colour rather than white ink.

Q. How much does one pair of Kraftka sneakers cost?

A. Our first release – The Sputnik – is $89.

Q. How many sneakers can I create?

A. As a new user, you can create 2 sneakers. To make more, you have to gain higher ranks.

Q. How do I gain higher ranks?

A. You can gain higher ranks by interacting with your fellow artists, gain more followers and sell more sneakers. The higher you rank, the more sneakers you can publish.

When you reach higher and higher, you can increase your price and have your own personal domain name: yourname.kraftka.com.

Track your rank and progress on your profile page, with the icon under your profile picture.

More details soon.

Q. Are you able to reproduce highly detailed colors and gradients?A. We can definitely produce highly detailed colors and gradients. Our printing technology is state-of-the-art.

Q. How much money can I get from creating my own sneakers? 

A. You can earn $10 PER PAIR sold. You can send to your bank account or use to buy more KRAFTKA sneakers of your own. The choice is yours. (You have to pay Paypal transfer fees when we send you the money).

Q. How do I know how many sneakers I have sold? 

A. Simply check the KOLLECT page. You can view your sales in REAL TIME and see which countries your customers are from.

Q. Who owns the sneaker design I created?

A. You own 100% of the rights to your design. You maintain ownership of any images that you have produced and uploaded.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the sneakers I can create?

A. If you own the images you uploaded, then there are no problems. Please avoid uploading copyright or offensive images.

Q. How long does it take for my design to appear in the store?

A. Your design appears instantly. You can edit or remove it anytime. The full control is in your hands.

Q. Can I remove my designs from the SHOP at anytime?

Yes, you can add or delete your sneakers whenever you like. Your digital shelf is your own.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. You get paid once a month through PAYPAL.

Q: I am a re-seller/agency, and am interested in buying KRAFTKA shoes wholesale. Can I sell them on my own website?

Yes, you can. Contact us at sunny@kraftka.com for pricing options. We are happy to connect you with your KRAFTKA artists for a wholesale purchase.

Q: Can I order my designs on other types of apparel?

Not at the moment, but we have plans for additional models of KRAFTKA sneakers, and hope to expand beyond footwear to offer user-designed, custom-made clothing and accessories.

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