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Dec 28, 2015 6:45 PM ET

Fund Fate of Fools’ Myopic Contemplation

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 28, 2015

Fund Fate of Fools’ Myopic Contemplation

Depression, disappointment, disillusionment, heart ache, suffering, apathy, these are very real things that we, as humans, all face to some degree or another at various times in our life.  In an effort to offer hope to those who feel trapped and alone in this, we, Fate of Fools crafted songs that explore these themes in tour debut EP, Myopic Contemplation.  

Hailing from Queens, NY, we are a “rocktronic” band.  Our group formed as a result of experimentation between singer-songwriter, Jeffrey Alan (Lotz) and musical director and jazz pianist Brett Pontecorvo.  Pontecorvo was serving a supporting role in Jeffrey Alan’s musical performances, when the two of them decideded they wanted to see if it was possible to create a fuller sound between the two of them.  This led to work shopping material and sounds for couple of years, and finally emerging with this EP.  

The lyrical content of this EP is a collection of thoughts and reflections that are somewhat short sighted in the grand scheme of things.  It is a journal entry from our own wrestling with these things.  We hope that others will be able to identify, even if it’s just a word or phrase, and realize that they are not alone.  Its often time our isolation that keeps from being free in one way or another.  

At this point, the EP has been fully recorded in our home studio, and we are really proud of the results!  It has been a satisfying journey to accomplish most of this process on our own.  We just have a few more ducks to get in a row before we share this EP with the world.  That is where you come in!!  We are asking you, our fans, friends, and family for TWO things:   

1 – Consider supporting our efforts financially.  This is going to help us cover things like professional mastering services, CD duplication, some minor equipment needs we have to begin playing the material live, website costs, and a few fees that we will incur whilst getting these tunes to the masses  

2 – Engage your social circles with this project.  Whether its posting on social media or going “old school” and talking in person with someone you know about what we are doing, raising awareness for this project and this campaign is a HUGE help that we greatly appreciate!     

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Lotz
Brett Pontecorvo

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