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Archived: Aereus Technologies Inc.: developed an innovative thermal technology that applies a thin layer of vaporized metal to any solid substrate

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Aereus Technologies Inc.

  • Not only does Aereus Shield coatings provide antimicrobial attributes, it also demonstrates active killing of bacteria or bio-cidal properties –Aereus Shield is a permanent coating that kills bacteria continuously as the bacteria resides on the surface. The copper alloy has properties that disrupt the bacteria. At the atomic level, the copper alloy is perforating the body membrane of bacteria and kills them.
  • Aereus’ patented process is cost effective when incorporated into the manufacturing process of products – Aereus’ coating in some cases can hide imperfections in the surface and eliminate the need for preparation before the final coating. Its coating has also been tested in application to material surfaces prior to the products final form, thus making the coating process more efficient in production.
  • Aereus Shield coatings allow for premium pricing given its antimicrobial labeling in their product market space – Aereus’ coating has been noted to allow its customers to a) differentiate their product line creating “lock-out specifications” in competitive markets with its unique antimicrobial characteristics b) allow customers to add a premium mark up of 40% to 100% on their non-coated product price
  • Aereus Shield coatings are safe for the environment – The Aereus Shield coating is a copper alloy that is environmentally safe, and does not need to be disposed of, in its application. Virox and bleach have to be disposed of and these chemicals can contaminate water sources as part of their disposal.

Aereus Technologies developed an innovative thermal technology that applies a thin layer of vaporized metal to any solid substrate.  The coating is a patented copper alloy, branded Aereus Shield. Aereus Technologies is a research and development company that creates advance coatings, that has been clinically proven to have antimicrobial properties. Its coating has also demonstrated the ability to kill bacteria that resides on its surface within one hour.

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