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Dec 27, 2015 11:37 AM ET

Archived: Falling for You: Hazel, an up-and-coming Chicago communications consultant, falls in love with Oscar, a professional clown

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 27, 2015

Falling for You

About The Project

Here’s what we’ve done

Our goal was to create a romantic comedy that embraced some of the clichés of the genre and inverted others. We wanted to focus on both the internal conflict of the characters, is the best way to have a successful relationship to lie or tell the truth? As well as focus on the external high concept of a woman with a fear of clowns falling in love with a clown. 

We also wanted to celebrate clowns in a way that’s not often seen in media these days. Along the way, we’ve managed to pay tribute to some of the silent movie comedians of the past. And the script is audience-tested, so we know it’s funny, which helps with a comedy.

It was also important for us to have a female presence behind the camera too, as women are underrepresented behind the camera. So not only is our director and story editor a woman, but so is our associate editor, and our composer.

We’re confident we’ve written a funny and heartwarming romantic story that delivers strong female characters.


Here’s what you need to know

Falling For You, an ultra low budget feature film shot in the summer of 2014 over 52 days in the evenings and on weekends. Now that it’s “in the can”, we need to raise an additional $4,000 to cover post-production, marketing and distribution. That’s where you come in. Let’s work together to complete this heartfelt independent film. Get involved with the many others in our community and be a part of the journey. Our tight-knit Cast and Crew thank you! 


What’s in it for you?

Besides contributing to the completion of this movie, check out our incentives. This may include your name in the credits, an IMDb listing, a poster, and more.


Where does the money go?

We need to fund the following post-production departments: Sound Editor, Colorist, and Composer. We also need to budget for marketing & distribution costs: graphic designer, Film Festival entry fees, website hosting, domain name renewal, creation of DVDs, IMDb Pro, social media advertising, printing costs. We want to this to be the first product of our production company. We want to operate like a small business, which is why we want to be in control of distribution as well.

Contact Information:

Jason Peck

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