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Dec 27, 2015 10:58 AM ET

Archived: A Field Guide to Plants: An art book, containing the photographs of Daniel Southard, transcendent images bringing together plants and humanity.

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 27, 2015

The Field Guide to Plants is the culmination of a ten year effort exploring and creating visual poetry. The ultimate home for this series of amazing photographs is this book. This guide to the intangible is a collection of 78 photographs illustrating human life in direct communion with plants in all their forms. An essay brings them all together in this beautiful, large-format art book. The book is a generous 12″x12″, 100 pages, softcover, and constructed with the highest quality printing and paper available.

In order to release the book at an affordable price, I am asking the wider world to help me bring it to fruition. The price per copy drops dramatically as printing volume is increased, and I am asking you to help me achieve the 100-copy threshold where prices drop to affordability for the masses. Along with introducing this book to the world I hope to use this Kickstarter campaign as a launching pad to achieve a publishing deal with a traditional art book publisher.

Getting in on this pre-sale of the book will allow you to immediately own an originally signed copy for the same price as an unsigned copy when it becomes available at retail. By taking advantage of all the awesome Kickstarter premiums including prints, portfolios, and never before offered one-on-one workshops and photo sessions with the artist, you can help reach the goal even faster!

Contact Information:

Daniel Southard

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