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Dec 26, 2015 2:39 PM ET

Support Shri Udayakumar Gullapalli

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 26, 2015

Support Shri Udayakumar Gullapalli

Divine and Loving  Atmabhandus,
Bramha Sri Vedapandit Gullapalli Udayakumar Sharma Gullapalli, Priest of Sai Durga Shiva Vishnu Temple (SDSV), Katy suffered a massive caridac arrest and is now in ICU fighting for his life. Pt. Udayakumar is a Veda Pandit and has supported Hindu Dharma by conducting many religious events. With single minded focus he has pursued the establishment of the SDSV temple at Katy over the last few years. He was not only a strong supporter of Hindu Dharma but was a highly sincere follower of the Dharma. Those who have met him know his gregarious personality and can recall his reverberating chanting of Vedas and shlokas

Pt. Udayakumar (40 yrs old) supports his family consisting of his father,  wife (<40 yrs) and two young high school kids (14 & 15 yrs) in addition to sustaining the operation of SDSV temple. Further more, he has been supporting other priest families in Greater Houston. In short he was a pillar around whom several families were growing. Due to the suddenness of the events, his family and relatives are totally distraught and are completely devastated by the catastrophe.

We, friends of Udayakumar’s family are starting a  fundraising campaign for them. All funds from this campaign will go to supporting his family for their needs in covering the sudden and unexpected expenses. Please open your heart to contribute generously for an individual who has given so much to Hindus and our Dharma. Please DO NOT DELAY your support as NOW is the time to support his family

Please forward this campaign to your friends and network so it can reach as many people as possible. Share through the social media below (it is absolutely safe) or copy the link above and send email to your contacts.

Contact Information:

Sridhar Sampath

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