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Dec 25, 2015 8:46 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Dec 25, 2015


We were invited to participate in an endurance event for women, organized worldwide, at March 6, 2016 in São Paulo / Brazil! They want us there and the Ninfas do Offroad ALSO WANT TO GO ! We promise will and passion in representation of Portugal in this UNIQUE EVENT in the world! The organization garantees event, hotel and and motorcycles for us to use there! We only need support for the plane tickets…can you help us to get there?

We are the “Ninfas do Offroad“. A recent group of women from north to south, with the same passion...the motorcycle off-road!

Some more experienced, others less, but most amateur and beginning, full of desire!

We have been present on some rides as well as official races, and we want to continue to do so, and to afirm ourselves in an increasingly safe and steadily form, always in search of maximum fun, socializing and entertainment, but also looking for professionalism!

To do this, we have our great passion and determination, and some support that we have been getting, especially inscriptions in events, hotels, and material, among others.

Recently, we were invited to participate in the FIM ENDURO XPERIENCE on Women race, on 6 March, the International Women’s Day in Itupeva, São Paulo, Brazil. They offer us the event, hotel and provide bikes for us to use!

With availability and wish to participate in this very unique experience that will bring together women with equal passion from every corner of the world, we are six. We want to represent in the best possible way, with joy and race, our great little country!

To do this, we need support to finance the airline tickets … We’re already doing what we can (raffles, cakes, gifts, etc …), but it´s not enough … Can we count on you at this level? To take the name of Portugal and your´s in our heart, and of your company (if that´s the case) on this trip?

We will advirtise it as we can and the way you see necessary!! And the social networks also have enormous power!

Thank you in advance the care provided, on behalf of all Ninfas, and my one:

Mónica Perpétua (founder of the Ninfas do OffRoad)

Contact Information:

Sónia Cancela

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