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Dec 24, 2015 2:42 PM ET

Archived: Mapstone takes the next step!: to record, produce, mix and master their new songs/albums

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 24, 2015

Mapstone takes the next step!

The story of the project

Mapstone needs your support to record, produce, mix and master their new songs/albums, press records and launch their career into the next stage. Mapstone is ready to step into the world.
When we feel good, we encourage others to feel good too!Mapstone is fully committed to sharing our music and to living the life that simply feels right. We are following our hearts and choosing to offer the world the gifts we have received, Music.  It’s a practise of intention and has great qualities of healing, liberation, inspiration, creativity, building connections and communities, and so many more.
For Mapstone, this journey is about following the path, facing the fears and doubts that rise up within us and overcoming them because there is purpose and meaning to what we are doing, there is a feeling of importance.
This path is not a road to glory and fame for us, it is about love and choosing to dream, create and offer the magic of music into our world.
We feel that choosing to follow what feels good in our lives allows others to do the same, and each time we inspire another,  the path for all of us becomes more vibrant, more illuminated, easier and more supported.
Help us Record this New Music!In 2015, we toured Canada, deepened our love for our work and wrote a lot of new music which reflects our ethos.
Since returning we have booked a full month long National Australian Tour kicking off at Woodford Folk Festival.
We’ve also been shaping a Canadian Summer tour. We’re stoked! But we really need to get this new music that is inside of us recorded.  And we need your support to do it.
Recording and touring opens up so many doors for us as musicians and is an absolute necessity for us to reach more people and to work professionally. 
There is so much joy in giving and receiving music. There is medicine and there is magic in it. We want to continue offering ours and sharing with as many of you as Pozible. Please help us record, so we can share our music with you and others and we will see you somewhere down the line…. endless gratitude for your support
As the song goes … “We are All in This Together”

Mapstone have quickly emerged onto the roots music scenes in Australia, Canada and Bali. Together for just 18 months they have already shared the stage with Nahko and Medicine for the People, Dustin Thomas, The Beautiful Girls, Murray Kyle and more. Mapstone have been moving the dance floors and delighting ears wherever they go, including prestigious festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Bali Spirit Festival and Island Vibe Festival. Their blend of conscious roots, world, reggae, and folk music is of the heart, for the heart and from the heart. In-joy the medicine.


How the funds will be used

During the recording process there are a number of costs that we ill be covering with the funds raised through this campaign

Studio Time/Rental – $3,000
Producer/engineer – $5,000
Musician hire – $1,000
Instrument hire – $500
Album Art & Design – $750
Mixing & Mastering – $1,500
Printing & Copying – $1,500 
Per diems – $500
The recording process not only takes money, it also takes time, so there are other costs involved with time off work and residual expenses also.

As you can see there are many avenues and paths to travel during this process and this is why we are seeking your support and help… living the dream and creating the future one song, and one pledge at a time… thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support means everything

Some of my other work



Mapstone band is:
Canadian Singer /Songwriter Christopher Mapstone and Australians Prhlad Prana Cave, and Dion Pfisterer who reside in Byron Bay .
As world travellers,  Mapstone’s songs have been influenced by rich cultural and musical experiences, and their musical repertoire consists of voice, guitar, didgeridoo, percussion, harmonica, wooden flutes, drums, bass and more. The lyrics reflect their passion and understanding for equality, freedom of speech, self reflection, relationships,  the environment and mother Earth, and humanities growth and expansion is a peaceful and reverent way for all things. 


After recording their first album in Canada as “Root System”, ‘Of The Earth’ with Todd Simko (Xavier Rudd, Current Swell), the band toured and gained a fan base on the west coast of Canada and Ontario. Mapstone’s  journey with music and self-discovery have very much been linked,  a forever changing and expanding process. Mapstone believes that music is a very potent and strong spiritual practice, and if done with awareness and intention can have a profound effect on the performer and listeners included. With this approach Chris and his fellow musicians Prhlad and Dion draw on the moment and co-create a transformative energy through the music. Chris says  “this is such an incredible opportunity to create and manifest beautiful things, and music is pure manifestation, it rises from nothing and then dissolves again as it passes from moment to moment, waiting in the silence only to rise again.”

These fine musicians now play and create music through Mapstone, Sacred Sonics, Spirit Songs and other various combinations and formats creating the opportunity to express in limitless ways. Their connection with indigenous communities around the world and other deep spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and shamanism continue to have a profound effect on their song writing and creating. The music brings together ancient traditions with modern music in a symbiotic merging of sound and ceremony, honouring all who have been, all who are and all who are yet to come. Working in ceremony, concert and recording again in the New Year 2016.
NOW is the time for Mapstone to offer music to the world with full heart and commitment.



We appreciate and understand the possibilities of obstacles arising. Our focus is on success, so we prefer not to pay too much attention to the obstacle or challenges, but we will acknowledge the possibilities here.
Our music is easy to listen to and connect with, it is multi-layered with a multitude of different instruments, vocal melodies and harmonies within the arrangements.
As musicians, we strive to deliver the best we can,  so we choose to work with the best people we can to produce the best recordings and albums possible. We choose to work with the extremely talented Murray Kyle, to produce the sound quality for the absolute best sonic experience and journey possible.
Murray has recorded and produced a number of his own albums, and has recently worked with American troubadour, Dustin Thomas. His sensitivity to songwriting and producing makes him a great ally and creative force for this project. 

Being a band of travellers and explorers, as well as being involved in a plethora of different projects, time and planning is of the essence for Mapstone. This is part of the reason the campaign is launching now, so the albums can be recorded in February when all members of the band are together and available. 
Our tight schedules means this campaign has a big target for a short period of time. We have taken the leap of faith and we promise to make  you all proud you joined us and hope you’ll cheer for us as loudly as we’ll be cheering for you at the finish line!


Now, back to focusing on our vision….We want our focus to be on achieving a successful campaign, so in place of obstacles we will add our intentions and direction. We want to connect with people. We want to invite you and encourage you to join us on the journey, and we want to inspire you upon your own journey. We want to believe and better yet, know that all things are possible and that all things are within reach. We want you to know that the reasons we are doing this go beyond any selfish reasons, we want to include each and everyone of you in the spirit of what Mapstone is about. Equality, peace, unity, truth, love, expression, unconditionality, respect, reverence for all things that have been, all that are and all that have yet to come. We have clear focus as to what we want to achieve, so if and when unplanned obstacles/difficulties arise we will deal with them with ease and grace and continue moving in the positive direction of bringing our vision into fruition. As you can see there is a lot involved with being a musician and it can be quite costly, so we NEED your help. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We are forever grateful.
This project is about continuing on this path and moving forward while inspiring others to do the same. In this way we honour those who have supported us and inspired us to come to the place we are now. There is no turning back for us, only expansion and gratitude.

Contact Information:

Christopher Mapstone

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