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Dec 23, 2015 4:57 PM ET

Archived: Online Catalog for schools: Help schools get a online catalog for grades and better teacher-parent communication

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 23, 2015

Online Catalog for schools

Short Summary

We are a small romanian IT company. We currently have 5 employees and we had a great idea for our educational system.

We want to improve our grading system by taking it online. Not only that, we are also trying to make the teacher-parent communication a lot easier and to make sure the parents know at any time how well their child is doing in school.

What We Need

We need around 24000 EUR in funding. We are going to use the money to pay up salaries for the developers team over the months this project is gonna last (hopefully around 4 months). We are also going to spend a little for two tablets and two smartphones in order to test the mobile application of this platform. And a part of the funding will be going to hiring a professional marketing expert to help us pitch the project to schools.

The Impact

We are very excited about this platform. Not only the parents will be able to see how well their child is doing in school from the comfort of his own house. But he will be able to know, at any time, if his kid is attending school or if he has an exam coming up. Also they will be notified about upcoming events, trips or parent-teacher meetings.

We will be integrating a very unique feature. In case of emergency (child is injured or feeling sick, natural hazards and other type of danger) the parent will be notified by SMS or via PHONE CALL from the system.

The teacher will be able to get in touch with the parent via the mobile or the web app. The app will have a instant chat feature of course, or he can simply send an email from the app to the parent.

Risks & Challenges

The only risk is that the schools will reject our platform and that is why we are going to spend some of the funding to find a marketing expert to help us get easily into schools.

The challenge is getting the parents accept to get their child’s info online. Some of them are unaware that their child’s info is already on the internet since they most likely have a google or facebook account. 

Other Ways You Can Help

You can always help us by telling us how we can get into schools more easily. Or how to get the parents accept to get their child’s info online.

Contact Information:

Ionut Ciprian

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