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Dec 23, 2015 5:40 PM ET

EVERYDOG: GRATUITOUSLY to offer the course of basic obedience to the dogs of the associations

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 23, 2015


All we know that a dog with problems of socialization and bad behavior is very susceptible to the abandonment. The objective of the EveryDog will be GRATUITOUSLY to offer the course of basic obedience to the dogs of the associations, and to particular the dogs already adopted of with inferior age the 6 months, thus facilitating to the associations the adoption of the cachorros and contributing with the reduction of the abandonments of the dogs for bad behavior or Problems of socialization…

The reason of a canine school for all?

The passion for animals was what me, with priority it made to think me about this project and the social problems that if live around of the same, the fact of the dogs for times not to obtain to have a quality of life adjusted with its owners and its owners not to obtain to give a quality of life to its animals of esteem due to behavior or until, lack of socialization between the animals, being the expensive schools the level of trainings base and others, finishing for me to motivate the accomplishment of this project. Beyond the passion, essential factor in any enterprise, the vision of that initiatives as this, if become a necessity in the society more each time limited ace people with few financial ownerships.

The paper of the dog in the society has moved sufficiently throughout the years. Therefore, we can affirm that the function of the dog already is not only to serve some basic necessities of the owner, as of protection of the home or hunts. Today, we establish, in fact, a bond of friendship and affection with the animals, from the moment where the dog became, effectively, a member of the family and started to frequentar internal environments of the house, the owners had started to recognize its real necessities.

As we know any dog is small it, average or great transport needs adequate spaces. As it says the dictated one “our freedom finishes where it starts of the others “.  One of the objectives of the considered program is to create the conditions owners to be able them to benefit of its better moments with the company of its friend of four legs without any problem as pulling it harnesses it barking even though or uneasy being without leaving its owner to be seated in an esplanade to use to advantage a good sun moment.

Thus being, with trainings positive price low cost giving chance people of any social environment to be able to enjoy company of its good friend, where it wants that it is and in any height, with optimum of the behaviors!

With everything what I consider to elaborate will be a canine school lowcost where the dogs of the associations independently of the age do not pay to the training base of obedience and resolution of problems, thus facilitating the adoption. all the people with adopted dogs inferior the 6 months usufruct in 50% of discounting in the treinos with limitless lessons of basic obedience, Creation of dogs guides gratis for any needed person (financed for the social security), and creation of work ranks and I serve as apprentice in the areas of canine training.

Contact Information:

Jonas Bonaparte

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