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Dec 23, 2015 12:52 PM ET

Archived: Dolly – The World’s First Internet Doll: The world’s first interactive internet doll featuring stories, songs and games

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 23, 2015

Dolly – The World’s First Internet Doll

Short Summary

Dolly is your child’s new best friend. Dolly is a smart, customized doll that will adapt to your child’s educational needs.  Dolly can sing, play games and read stories. Dolly can be a virtual teacher and help your child develop new skills. Dolly has the ability to adjust the games and the stories to your child’s educational requirements and age.

Dolly uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. It has a smart touch screen that is easy to use.

It is simple to navigate and ready to work right out of the box.

What We Need & What You Get

Dolly is a cuddly bear, designed as a personalized plush toy companion, which is a great developmental tool for children up to 9 years old.

Parents are able to choose the child’s favorite apps , whether it be songs, videos, trivia, and games.

Dolly also features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills and language development, via interactive learning games while offering multiple levels of complexity built within.  Thus, allowing parents to adjust learning levels appropriately to the child’s growth.

Dolly will amaze your child with its engaging storytelling, games, and dialogue! Not only is Dolly so much fun, but it’s learning activities help further enhance motor skills and language development. 

Using WiFi and speech recognition technology, Dolly can interact individually with each child. They can ask her a questions and Dolly will give them the answer.

It’s a whole new way to interact with toys.

Dolly includes On/Off line activities teaching counting, colors, animals and more, all of which adapt to the level your children’s needs as they grow! At any time, parents can manually adjust learning levels appropriately as their child develops.

Dolly has a video, a photo camera and albums.  It also has a 8 GB memory card that stores all this to keep your child entertained for hours



-4.2 Inch touch screen

-Blue tooth

-8 GB Memory card

-Android 4.4

-Support Google Play

-Video camera

-Photo camera


-On/Offline games

-On/Offline stories

-On/Offline songs

-You can talk to Dolly: Ask Dolly a question and it will answer you. 

-Age 0-9

-Educational games

-Auto switch off

-G sensor support screen rotation

-Battery: 1500mah (Included)

-Supports multiple languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew

You can play your child’s favorite music, record your own song or play some of Dolly’s songs.

Dolly Will Grow with Your Child!

You have access to the entire Google Play Store and can download the relevant development apps for your kid.

Dolly is Kid Safe!

Worried about safety? Dolly will protect your child from offensive or sensitive words.


Dolly is available worldwide. 

When do we start shipping?

Orders will begin to be fulfilled on April 2016. We will keep you notified of your Dolly’s shipment date and tracking number.

Parent Control Panel

Risks & Challenges

We put in a lot of time designing Dolly and interviewing parents to understand what would be most useful. We worked on several different prototypes and have already developed a network of industrial partners that we can count on to help manufacture Dolly. But before we can start manufacturing, we’re bringing Dolly to you through Indiegogo to get the feedback and funds that we need to help make Dolly a reality. 

We currently have a working pre production product and we’re now focused on finalizing the final details of Dolly. Furthermore, we are working on production rates with our manufacturing partners. Our team has years of experience in creating hardware products. We have been working closely with our manufacturing partner to guarantee a flawless product and we’re confident that production and delivery will go without a hitch and comply with timings.


Contact Information:

Yaniv Porat

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