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Dec 22, 2015 2:43 PM ET

Archived: Tap Water Bottle: 100% recyclable and long lasting

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 22, 2015

Tap Water Bottle

I run a small design studio and this project started after having talked to some fellow designers. We were talking about responsibilities, and I remember how Andy, a Norwegian fellow designer said that we, as designers, can make things look good – but to what result, if they pollute the environment?

Yes, we can make them look good, we can make people want them. But what if they end up infesting the oceans and waterways? Why this craze about plastic water bottles? I mean I live in a developed country and I drink tap water – I feel great and I am still alive and well:)

Besides, if you are not sure about the quality of your water then you can always purify it/filter it using any of the commercially available purifiers and filters, then use this tap water bottle to carry it around with you.

Inspire others

When you fill this tap water bottle and take it with you on walks, to the gym, at work, people notice the tap and realize you drink tap water. In a week you would have saved the planet from another 4-5 plastic water bottles.

The Industry

Many talented marketers and directors will tell you how good they are at recycling their plastic water bottles. But are they really? Why so many plastic nano particles in the fish we eat? Really, the best solution is to go back to drinking tap water, with or without at-home purification, depending on where you live.


There are quite a few countries and communities that have invested heavily into having good, clean tap water. Why not use the present infrastructure and drink this water? Why go to a supermarket, buy plastic water bottles, take them with you, then throw these empty shells away when you do not really need to do that. The carbon print alone resulting from these plastic water bottle transports is enormous.

Getting off the ground

I have made a few prototypes and the latest one is made out of stainless steel, 100% recyclable and long lasting. The actual tap could be made of metal as well, but for the moment it’s an chromed ABS plastic tap.

To make these two components out of metal, I need to invest into molds, and some R&D. But the end result would be a water bottle that is not only stylish and inspirational, but one product that would last for many years. And for every time you use it, you would rid the world of another plastic bottle.

Contact Information:

Radu Iliuta

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