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Dec 22, 2015 12:43 PM ET

REPUBLISHING “ALCIDES”: the production of a limited CD edition

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 22, 2015


This album was presented in 1997, and included songs carefully selected from among the wide Cabo Verdean repertoire. This recording has been motivated by my willingness to share my personal view of this rich universe.

All musicians performing in this album are important references of the instrument they play – Armando Tito, on the guitar, Cau Paris, on drums, and Nandinho, on saxophone and sax soprano. Other instruments performing in this work (piano, bass, harmonica, violin, guitar, 12-string guitar, ukulele and, in track 4, drums) have been played by Paulino Vieira, the musical productor of this record.

For various reasons, the record was available for a very short time. Over 18 years, the conditions to republish it were hard to meet. However, people still listen to the songs and keep asking how they can buy the record. That is why some friends have encouraged me to republish it.

With the support of this group of friends, it is now possible to submit this project to a crowd-funding platform on the internet. The goal is to collect the amount necessary for the production of a limited CD edition, together with a digital format to be sold online.

Part of the revenue acquired with the sale of the CD will be donated to Associação Girassol Solidário, a non-profit organization that shelters Cabo Verdean people in need that come for health reasons. Other donations are also welcome, including essencials like food, clothes and school supplies.

Alcides Nascimento

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Alcides Nascimento

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