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Dec 22, 2015 7:00 AM ET

Archived: Access Investors Network Launches Mobile Crowdfunding Aggregator

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 22, 2015



SAN FRANCISCO – On Tuesday, Access Investors Network released the first US-based mobile-only crowdfunding aggregation app, offering investors startup, real estate, alternative asset and niche market deals.


The Access Invest app aggregates equity and debt deals from a number of crowdfunding platforms and other private deal sources, offering investors hundreds of investment opportunities in one place.


Accredited investors  are able to access 506b & 506c deals while non-accredited investors can view Regulation A(+) deals, making Access the first crowdfunding aggregation app truly open to everyone. Access anticipates that next year Title III deals will be available as well, when Rule 4(a)(6) comes into effect.


Dozens of top crowdfunding platforms have signed on as part of the launch including: RealtyShares, CrowdStreet, Flashfunders, North Capital and Healthfundr, among many others.


“Access is facilitating deal discovery and information transparency in private securities markets through its aggregation platform, which is good for accredited investors who seek these investment opportunities,” stated James Dowd, CEO of North Capital. “I think Access could be a great way to gain exposure to new investors,” added Nav Athwal, CEO of RealtyShares.


Investing portals have the opportunity to get their deals in front of potential investors in a whole new way. “Access provides nice on-the-go availability and access to the direct-investment offerings on the CrowdStreet marketplace, enabling investors to connect directly with sponsors just moments after a new offering goes live,” explained Tore Steen, CEO of CrowdStreet.


Investors benefit greatly. Access makes it easier to scan through the seemingly countless number of crowdfunding deals available today and view the complete analysis of an investment directly on the platform raising funds. “Now you can view deals from dozens of platform without needing to go through the pain of signing up on every site,” explains Aaron McDaniel, CEO of Access. After running a real estate crowdfunding platform for the last 2 years, McDaniel saw a better way for investors to access deal flow.


Instead of receiving countless emails from a ton of platforms announcing deals, Access notifies investors of new deals via a free mobile smartphone app and allows investors to curate the deals, identifying investments that best fit their objectives. “Every crowdfunding investor we spoke with wants to see deal flow in a simple and painless way,” McDaniel continues. “We know that investors are busy and so we deliver them the highest quality deals summarizing the most important deal information. Investors can easily discard the majority of deals that don’t match what they are looking for, and then save and further analyze the deals that do.”


The Access Invest app is available via the Apple App Store. Investors and crowdfunding platforms can learn more on the Access website.




Video: https://youtu.be/ejHC5VBHaLk


About Access Investors Network

Access Investors Network is the maker of Access Invest, a mobile aggregator for equity & debt crowdfunding deals, simplifying your search for the right deals.


Aaron McDaniel, CEO

Access Investors Network





Contact Information:

Aaron McDaniel, CEO
Access Investors Network

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