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Dec 21, 2015 4:49 PM ET

Archived: Motor-Lounge App: to provide, in real-time, useful navigation information and speech-to-text/text-to-speech

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 21, 2015

Motor-Lounge App 


The main objective of the app is to provide, in real-time, useful navigation information and speech-to-text/text-to-speech, which enables a user to locate their parked vehicles and decide on which route to follow back to their vehicles, both in an indoor and outdoor space. In order to provide such information, the system must use the 3D building maps and GPS. This kind of solution is known as a micro-navigation system [1]. Two main aspects should be addressed by this system to provide navigation support: (1.) Detection of the position of the user’s parked vehicle (user will have to click on “Parked” on the app, and the system will store the direction of that place). (2.) Provide navigation information back to the parked vehicle (user will have to click on “Return” on the app, and the system will trace back the direction of the “Parked” and provide navigation information).

In order to deal with these issues the app uses the interaction among several components as a platform to capture and process the user and environment information, and to generate and deliver navigation information to users while they are in indoor and outdoor areas. The app’s main components are the following: GPS, 3D building maps, Admin back-End running a software application that coordinates the whole system, and a smartphone that delivers the navigation information to the user. When the user arrives at a parking lot, he/she should click “parked” on the app, and the admin-back end stores the information and direction and provided through the help of GPS, digital compass and 3D building maps. By the time the user returns, they request navigation information by clicking “Return” on the app. The software application instantly tries to determine the user’s position, and that of the place he/she pressed “parked” and provide navigation information back to the vehicle. The user’s position and movements are detected through GPS, by signal coverage to the user’s smartphone, and the admin back-end releases the stored information of the last clicked “Parked” to the user’s smartphone.

There will also be a slot on the app for bookings for those individuals who are on the go most of the time. We will offer hotel, car rental, flights, events, etc, bookings on the app but this service will only be found on our premium version of Motor-Lounge, which will require users to pay the annual fee of $250 dollars for all these services. For our standard version, users will be able to enjoy benefits like parking fee quotes and tollgate charges of the road they will be using before driving on that road and for any mall, public places they will be using and also users will be able to know how much they will be paying for parking before they even approach paying station. The standard version will be downloaded for free.

What makes this app so unique

  • It offers users benefits of finding their parked vehicles even in the most congested places and gives users knowledge of charges for each particular place they park at or national roads they use without users getting to that place first. It also give users the advantage to make their bookings, quick and fast without going through thousands of websites.

Why we need your support

  • To be able to develop the app
  • To test the prototype of the app
  • To set-up an admin back-end
Contact Information:

Motor-Lounge App

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