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Dec 21, 2015 11:49 AM ET

Archived: DME3 – Digital Music Entertainment: a site that allows musicians to sell their music online and get 100% of the profits!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 21, 2015

DME3 – Digital Music Entertainment

The story of the project

DME3 – The Story….

Hi, my name is Nathan Johnston and I’m the founder of DME3 or Digital Music Entertainment.
I’m an artist with cerebral palsy and I create digital music online, I’m in a wheelchair so it’s easier for me to create music digitally. I’m really passionate about getting my music out there and in doing so try to help other artists to do the same.
I like to surround myself with good musicians, creating interesting music. It only seems fair to me that those musicians are able to offer that music for sale without being ripped off by the current plethora of greedy music platforms that take an inordinate percentage of the profits.
So, I am creating a website – a new music platform “Digital Music Entertainment – or DME3 for short” a site that allows musicians to sell their music online and get 100% of the profits! All for a very reasonable $25.00 annual subscription fee. That means we don’t take a percentage of the music sale price.
My project is about achieving long-term goals for myself and others and creating a sustainable, creative and enjoyable form of income for myself and others into the future. The website is currently two-thirds completed – but we need more money to draft and complete the legal stuff – like terms and conditions, privacy policy etc. and some further software development and coding.
So we decided to go to Pozible to try to raise the additional funds needed.
Watch the Video….
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b459RLIomJc
DME3 – Digital Music Entertainment
Pledge Target – $6,500

How the funds will be used

How the Money will be spent – Pozible budget details
$3,000 – Legal fees for drafting Privacy Policy and Legal Agreements, Terms and Conditions etc
$1,000 – Website Promotion and Launch costs – including promotional merchandise etc.
$2,000 – Further Website development and refinement of the site concentrating on the functionality of the upload/download system, the music player and associated coding and programing costs.
$500 – Pozible fees, delivery of rewards.
Once these features are in place the site will go through “Beta” a testing period to further refine the smooth running of the site.
Total Budget – $6,500

Note: If we secure pledges above our target the funds will be used to
employ additional program developers and to add further features and refinement of the site. Further to that we will be developing the Mobile compatible version of the website and develop a streaming service.

Some of my other work


Not getting enough funding will delay the establishment of the website substantially and will lead to a long difficult development.

DME3 photo gallery

DME Founder Nathan Johnston

DME3 photo gallery

DME3 Development Team

DME3 photo gallery

DME3 Founder Nathan Johnston with artist Shelley Morris

DME3 photo gallery

DME Founder Nathan Johnston with country singer Becky Cole

DME3 photo gallery

DME3 Founder Nathan Johnston – with local singer/song writer Ricky Bloomfield
Contact Information:

Nathan Johnston
Ross Cameron
Adam Mather
Lisa van der Velde

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