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Dec 20, 2015 9:44 AM ET

Archived: Enlaps – World 1st unlimited time lapse photography solution: Enlaps provides a unique, complete and intuitive solution to create quality timelapses from pictures shooting to web sharing!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 20, 2015

Have you ever seen great time lapse photography ? 

These videos where you can see a long event in a few seconds like a blooming flower, a stadium filled with people in a matter of seconds, a construction project built from the ground to the sky or the sun rising, the clouds passing overhead and the sun setting over a panoramic vista.  

Enlaps is an unique, complete, plug-and-play time lapse solution, from initial photography to sharing over the web. Infinite battery energy, no memory card limit, for a professional quality result. 

For professionals photographers, photography lovers, or for fun.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Today, the three main concerns when shooting long periodic events are battery, storage and processing. Our product, Enlaps Tikee effectively  removes all three constraints.

  • Energy is provided by an integrated adjustable photovoltaïc solar cell, leading to long term timelapse capability. 
  • Once captured, photos are wirelessly transmitted to the cloud, so you never run out of storage space. 
  • Time lapses are automatically processed and can be directly edited or shared.

Enlaps offers a user friendly web application, reachable with any browser, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Easy setup and automatic timelapse creation for anybody, as well as powerful features for advanced users. 

 miniatura de video del proyecto

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Field of view sample :

Tikee field of view
Tikee field of view


 Enlaps is designed to achieve infinite timelapse with long term time lapse setting. 

Simply install it, adjust the solar panel to absord maximum sunlight, and Enlaps Tikee will take care of itself. By deploying a smart algorithm, Enlaps Tikee will decide what to do to keep shooting as long as possible. Basically it will prioritize shooting against wireless communication in case of critical battery level. 

 Without sun power, but with a full battery charge, the device can provide 10 min interval of continuous shooting during one full week. 



After a real work of brainstorming, hundred of sketchs and a dozen of 3D prototypes, Tikee was born. We designed our smart timelapse camera with a sleek aesthetic to keep it simple and user friendly, as our complete solution. 

In November 2015 , Enlaps was awarded with it timelapse solution at the CES Innovation Awards.

In December 2015, Tikee was awarded at Spark Design Awards from San Francisco in the product category.

Enlaps is today a fully functional solution. All functions, related to images, solar management, wireless communication, images stitching, automatic time lapses creation, filtering, pan&zoom, preview, are already in place, tested and validated. Prototype is working, and a first version of the web application is available too. We need your support to bring ENLAPS Tikee to volume production, and ENLAPS Web app to be able to handle mass data traffic.

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